Document Control in the Age of Cloud Storage

Document Control in the Age of Cloud Storage
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Document Control in the Age of Cloud Storage

Are you taking advantage of cloud storage with your document control? The advancements in cloud storage put you at a disadvantage if your business is not using all the features available to you. Although there are some businesses where an onsite repository is sufficient, there are many others that a global system is a necessity. If considering a cloud-based system is a priority for your business, then let’s take a few moments to review the benefits of cloud storage for your document control.

What is the Difference?

Both onsite repositories and cloud-based storage systems store documentation electronically on servers. As a result, they both are an upgrade over file folders and metal cabinets. While onsite storage is owned by the business, cloud-based storage is rented and operated by another entity.

Advantages of an Onsite Repository

Before we get into the benefits of cloud-based document control, let’s review why you may want an onsite system. An onsite system is more secure. Other entities will not have access to your data. As a result, it is more difficult for hackers to break into your documents. Furthermore, you have complete authority over the server. The downside to an onsite server is that if you run out of space, you face a larger expense to upgrade your hardware. Moreover, if your server crashes, you will lose your documents. Additionally, it is difficult to access your documents if you are off-site.

Advantages of the Cloud

The benefits of cloud storage for document control are many. You don’t have to worry about the upkeep of hardware. Upgrading of your storage space is as simple as a click of a mouse. Moreover, your cloud storage system will automatically update your documents to eliminate your concerns over lost documents. Not to mention, you can access your documents from anywhere if you have an internet connection. The disadvantage of cloud storage is that you do not have complete control over the system and that you must share the space with other customers. However, reputable cloud-storage businesses take the security of your document seriously.

Price Considerations

For most businesses, the price of the product can be a sticking point when making IT decisions. With a cloud-based storage system, the price will depend on the amount of storage space that your business needs. As a large business or a business with extensive storage space requirements, this type of service can be expensive. On the other hand, you avoid the cost of the initial purchase and the upkeep of an onsite server.

In comparison, an onsite server will have that initial setup and upkeep cost. But, if you have a small company with limit document control needs, the monthly upkeep charge may be less than the cost of cloud-based storage. Moreover, if you are a smaller business with minimal growth expected, an onsite service is sufficient. Although, when staff needs access to your documents when they are off-site, a cloud-based system will be necessary no matter what the cost differences are.

In Conclusion

There are several factors to consider when deciding between cloud storage versus an onsite repository. Some factors to consider include advantages and disadvantages of cost, upkeep, and access needs off-site. Not all businesses will need a cloud-based system. However, if yours does, there are many different pricing, space, and feature options available in a cloud-based document management system.