Document Access

Enterprise Document Access

Security and access – the best of both worlds.

Users of MaxxVault will enjoy the ease of being able to access their important documents instantly from their desk and remotely via web access, with ultimate security. MaxxVault also allows multiple users to view a document simultaneously. With MaxxVault Enterprise in place as your document management solution, you’ll recognize simple, secure document access on an instantaneous basis.

Unlike file cabinets or file folders, which can be unlocked or misplaced, records stored in MaxxVault are always secure. Access is restricted to only those who have been given rights. Further, you can control each user’s access privileges. MaxxVault administrators have many features and functions they can configure to customize and restrict a user’s access. Some of these possible restrictions include: access to folders and documents, the ability to mark up a document, document editing, exporting, printing or deleting. Additionally, MaxxVault Enterprise keeps a complete audit trail for each document and each user. There is never any question about who has accessed a document or what activities have taken place.

Documents that are scanned into MaxxVault Enterprise can be transformed into fully searchable documents thanks to OCRVault. Document Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be performed at the server as each document enters the system. The OCR provides a fully searchable text layer, enabling a document which may have arrived as paper to support a full text search. Having all of the text of your documents available to search against allows for greater accuracy when looking for information not captured in index fields or if the index filed values are unknown.

You can also complete index fields automatically using OCRVault. Setting up specified OCR zones for specific documents will prompt OCRVault to read only those areas. Each zone is linked to a unique index field so that the information captured appears in the index card for each document. This process eliminates the need for users to manually review and enter the index information, saving valuable time.

Using Barcodes

The OCRVault engine also supports barcode interpretation. Barcodes that appear on a document will be found and translated into the correct index value. Barcodes can be used for any kind of data, including order numbers, address information, or dates and come in a variety of formats. OCRVault supports both 1D and 2D barcode recognition, so regardless of the symbology used by you or your partners, the document will be indexed accurately.

Securing your documents is crucial to prevent the loss of corporate trade secrets and sensitive financial data. It is also important in order to ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley. To ensure that your documents are both safe and being handled appropriately, store them in MaxxVault Enterprise. Our security measures are powerful and granular, allowing security to be placed on the folder, document or even document mark-up. The MaxxVault security matrix supports Active Directory, so you can know your users’ security profiles are maintained across your organization.

Tools such as setting up retention schedules, legal hold and user groups are there to secure the integrity of your files as well as corral users so they do not have access to documents they are not approved to see. Even if users search for a document with the correct search criteria, documents that have a different security profile will not be returned in the search results. Retention schedules and legal hold make sure documents that need to be retained for legal reasons are not accidentally deleted, ensuring the integrity of your data and compliance with regulations.


Powerful search and retrieval is achieved via reliable indexing, taxonomy and repository services. Locating information in MaxxVault couldn’t be easier.