How Document Management Solutions Help Improve the Transportation Industry

How Document Management Solutions Help Improve the Transportation Industry
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How Document Management Solutions Help Improve the Transportation Industry

Document management solutions for the transportation industry focus on preserving the bottom line. All industries run on profits, but for transportation the profit line regularly runs lean. Maintaining efficiency is key to success. Document management solutions (DMS) promote productivity and efficiency by automating key processes and digitally archiving all data.

Automate the driver onboarding and payment systems

In transportation, delays cost dollars. Time sensitive cargo may not be valuable if it doesn’t reach its destination in time. Extra time means extra maintenance costs and more pay for drivers, technicians, and so on. Document management software can help eliminate delays. The first example is driver onboarding.

Recruiting, interviewing, processing, and assigning new drivers requires human oversight in key points. However, much of this process can be automated through document management software. For example, background checks can be set up to be requested automatically once a potential new driver reaches the final stage of hiring. Things move more quickly, man hours on the recruiters’ end goes down, and you have a net savings during driver onboarding.

Receiving payment is at the other end of the transportation industry line. Though arguably the entire business comes down to getting the number on the bottom line paid, too often payment is delayed. Document capture can be implemented to ensure that every delivery is billed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Scan documents upon delivery and have your document management systems automatically link together orders. The client gets their bill quickly. Additionally, you can set up your document management software to include any other relevant documents along with the invoice. Signatures of deliveries, etc., can be given to the client at that time. You don’t wind up with a huge backlog of paperwork at the end of a delivery. Any problems that may be in the wings are quickly brought to the fore, illustrating the perks of instantly recalling disputed data.

Instantly recall disputed data

Human error will always exist. Document management solutions prevent it as often as possible. Removing the human element by automating parts of hiring and billing drastically reduce the number of times human error can foul the works. Likewise, document management software can also be used to clear up disputes over deliveries, distances, or other data points.

Document management software often includes OCR, OMR, and ICR. This allows for physical papers to be saved not as an image, but as a digital document. These document capture programs can even read handwriting, signatures, and check boxes. Once you have that data digitized, records disputes are easily verified. You can call up documents from months ago, on the other side of the country from your main offices, and have confidence that they contain the correct information.

Efficiency is the lifeblood of the transportation industry. A good document management software works to decrease human error and increase efficiency. Partially automating processes like hiring and billing reduces man hours and increases efficiency. Utilizing document capture and document management solutions allows for a quick resolution of data disputes. Transportation runs on DMS.