Digital Transformation: What It Means to “Go Paperless”

Digital Transformation: What It Means to “Go Paperless”
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Digital Transformation: What It Means to “Go Paperless”

Digital transformation is the process by which an organization moves its documents and workflow to a digital platform. This is obviously not a transformation that happens overnight. At the same time, it is an investment that quickly proves itself worthwhile. A significant amount of digital transformation is “going paperless.” While it’s easy to guess that paper document reduction is part of the plan, there’s far more to it than that. Here are some clear steps included in “going paperless” and what that means for your company.


The first step of a digital transformation is the digitization of your physical documents. This includes all records, files, contracts, communication, tax forms, and other paper documents you are currently storing. As you scan in documents, the system sorts and organizes them. Metadata included with each document ensures that your employees can find it easily when required. While this part of the process can be tedious, it immediately clears up physical space in your office (and even on your desk). Also, once your digital system is in place, it captures a significant amount of data on its own. Your database includes web-based forms, communication, and other digital information automatically, making it traceable and transferable as needed.


After you scan and organize documents in the system, the automating process begins. Make a list of regular, repetitive tasks performed in your organization. You will be surprised how many of them can be taken over by a digital content system. Project workflows automatically record changes and comments. The system will queue and flag online form submissions for review. Information requests are fulfilled immediately and recorded in the communication log. Additionally, all of these processes happen without paper and without supervision. A paperless office no longer relies on the movement of physical documents for workflow. Instead, efficient workflow is automatic, immediate, and mobile.


A digital transformation gives you a birds-eye view of your organization. Because you have access to the metrics of your workflow, you gain valuable insights about your strengths, challenges, and where your projects slow down. These high-level insights are crucial to your future success and growth. And no paper process could afford this sort of comprehensive data.

A paperless office may be hard to imagine. If so, consider the many ways technology has already replaced paper in our lives. For example, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference tools are now entirely online (and often referenced from our smartphones). Maps are interactive and responsive. Most of the books, magazines, and newspapers in existence are available from almost anywhere in the world, all on the same device. Contact lists replace Rolodexes and email makes faxing obsolete. The era of paper has passed. Instead, we are in a digital age. Through digital transformation, organizations gain efficiency, security, and a better bottom line. To learn more about your digital transformation options, contact MaxxVault today.