Operations Management

Prioritization Is Key to Success When Implementing an Enterprise Content Management Solution


When you’re the head of operations for a company you wear a lot of different hats. You need to have a solid grasp of all your current business processes for each department and which ones need to most attention when it comes to improving them. Adding a project for an enterprise document management system roll out to the entire company is probably not something that sounds too appealing. Where do you start?  How do I select a solution? How long will it take to get a return of my investment? These are all very important questions to ask before you select a product and a vendor.

In order to have the highest chance of success and fastest ROI it’s important to identify which departments or processes would benefit most from going electronic. You need to prioritize a list and tackle that list one department at a time. The biggest mistake most customers do is to take on too much too fast. If you do this the project will tend to take longer to go live and this will push out the time line for the company’s return on investment.  Also when looking at products you need to be looking for a solution that is feature rich and flexible. As you roll out the solution throughout the company each department or business unit might have slightly different needs, so having a flexible and strong feature set in the product is key. By selecting the correct product and prioritizing the roll out will lead to a faster return on investment for your company.

By implementing MaxxVault for your Operations Management, you:

•    Increase companywide sharing of information
•    Easily create inter-departmental workflows
•    Create better document controls and processes
•    Meet and exceed compliance requirements
•    Automate data extraction on documents
•    Reduce expenses
•    Integrate MaxxVault with your other main line of business applications