Engineering Management

Change Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Wikipedia defines the change management process in systems engineering as the process of requesting, determining attainability, planning, implementing, and evaluating of changes to a system.  Creating a well define change management process is not something that can be done overnight for most companies. Careful planning and documenting of the process is key for a manual change management process to work. Having a working manual change management process in place today makes things easier when moving over to a document management and workflow solution like MaxxVault.  The MaxxVault team will work with your company based on your current process and identify where the bottlenecks are and where our solution can make the manual process more efficient.  The goal would be to try and automate the entire process which would allow for changes to get approved more quickly. Change does not have to be difficult if properly planned and executed with the correct Enterprise Content Management solution.

By implementing MaxxVault for your Engineering Change Management, you:

•    Increase companywide sharing of information
•    Create online or mobile forms that can be used to kick off change management request process
•    Be able to know you’re looking at current version while still having access to prior versions
•    Create better document controls and processes
•    Keep track of where contracts are in the approval process
•    Create automated business processes for review, approval and digital signing of change orders
•    Receive automatic alerts when new process has been approved