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Document Management Solutions For Law Firms


Your legal department relies on quick access to information in order to protect your organization. Whether the need is to review the latest contract or collect evidence for a pending legal challenge, documents should be easy to access, secure and control. MaxxVault ECM provides the tools necessary to help your legal team meet these challenges.

Your legal team’s first responsibility is to keep your organization from any missteps that would open the door to fines or lawsuits. Thanks to MaxxVault workflow, it is easy to get new marketing materials, contracts, policy documents and business plans reviewed quickly. Documents under review can be routed to legal team members instantly even if they are not located in the same office. The progress of the document under review is simple to monitor as the index fields reveal the current owner and the current workflow stage. MaxxVault version control tools also track changes to documents and guarantees that staff access the latest, most current version. With version control in place, distribution of old or incorrect information that could put your organization at risk is virtually eliminated.

Lawsuits are expensive and distracting to your business. Quickly finding evidence supporting your position can help halt lawsuits before they consume valuable resources. With MaxxVault, documents are found immediately by searching for the document title, client name, date, author, department, or any other index value(s) assigned to identify the document. Moreover, the MaxxVault full -text search tools can be used to search the entire content of documents. Using Boolean, stemming, phonic, proximity or wild card text searches, documents can be located based on its content – a valuable tool for rapidly locating information that would otherwise not be tracked in an index.

Finally, the MaxxVault records management tools simplify the supervision of corporate records according to industry and government requirements. Your legal department can set specific schedules to automatically move documents into archive folders according to criteria they determine (date, document type, status, or other custom index values). Once documents reach the end of their retention schedule, MaxxVault can also purge expired records to maintain compliance with regulations.

Your legal team has to carefully manage your organization’s documents. From contract editing to records compliance to settling lawsuits, MaxxVault will provide the tools needed to do the job quickly, efficiently and accurately.


Sample MaxxVault interface with open index.


Search MaxxVault from Outlook and attach documents to outgoing emails.


Edit and track changes to Microsoft Word using MaxxVault’s integrated version controls.

legal office 04 - web acce

Documents are available via the web for secure remote and mobile access.

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