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Document management systems for HR from MaxxVault

Every staff member in your organization comes with a document trail that begins before they are hired and accumulates each day they are employed. These documents must be readily available for review, yet kept completely secured by the human resource department. With the addition of MaxxVault enterprise document management system in your human resource department, all information linked to an employee, regardless of its source, can be automatically and accurately filed with their initial application. No longer will an HR associate need to waste time searching for a document and then filing it away. MaxxVault document management solutions for human resources keeps all necessary information at your finger-tips while maintaining confidentiality and security. Lax document security in HR can mean loss of time, loss of accreditation, and even lawsuits. We have to covered for all your document management for HR needs.

New and Departing Employees

Hiring a new employee is a complex process, beginning with the sorting of resumes that then need to be forwarded to the managers evaluating the applicants. With MaxxVault, resumes can be scanned directly to the hiring workflow. Regardless of where the evaluating team is located, the relevant applicant’s documentation is secure and accessible to the manager(s) doing the evaluation. To ensure the hiring process is done in a timely manner, the HR department can track the status of applications in the workflow, sending reminders to the evaluation team. The MaxxVault EDMS solution also has an online forms component to allow for a fully paperless HR on-boarding process.

When an applicant is selected, MaxxVault makes it easy to gather all the documents needed to complete the hiring process, including: offer letters, contracts, employee handbooks, benefit programs, etc. Using MaxxVault version control features ensures that only the latest and most up to date versions of documents are available. Once these documents are completed they can be stored with the rest of the employee’s file for easy reference.

Likewise, as an employee leaves your organization, the required documents, tax forms, residual benefit information and other information is quickly assembled.

Keeping Everyone Up to Date

As internal policies, procedures or industry regulations change, staff can be sent the updated information for review. The MaxxVault workflow automation software can be used to ensure each employee reviews the document. Sending the document to each employee via MaxxVault provides the HR and department managers the ability to track who has reviewed the new information. Those employees that have not reviewed the information in a timely manner can quickly be identified and the situation corrected.


Through the use of MaxxVault E-Forms internal HR documents such as time off-requests, training quizzes, insurance claims and other documents can be filled in electronically. Instantly captured, indexed and routed to the appropriate HR staff or manager for processing, internal documents have never been easier to manage. Eliminating paper from the equation saves on printing costs, filing time, filing errors and eliminates handwriting interpretation!

Give Staff More Control

Through the MaxxVault portal employees can be granted permission to view some of their own personnel files. MaxxVault security makes sure that employees only have access to documents authorized by HR for their review. This direct access will allow employees the ability to retrieve the most up-to-date version of commonly used documents, retrieve insurance information, access past performance reviews, review used vacation time or whatever information is authorized for access. HR staff will have a visible audit trail of all document views and annotations.

Records Management

HR documents can contain sensitive and private personal information. Preventing the loss or theft of these documents is essential in preventing embarrassment, damage to reputations, identity theft and lawsuits. MaxxVault provides greater security than paper and can enforce the proper handling and retention of personnel files.

While HR offices and documents are usually locked away, accidental or intentional security breaches can occur. If a file is accidentally left out, a door is left ajar or there is a break in, paper documents are more susceptible to theft and they do not reveal who has handled them. Documents stored in MaxxVault cannot be access other than through MaxxVault – which requires authentication. Because each user has different access rights, even if an HR employee’s credentials are stolen, document access is still limited by that user’s privileges, such as the inability to access certain folders, document, and the lack of print, e-mail or deletion rights. Furthermore, MaxxVault tracks each user’s activity as well as the actions preformed on each document, including who as viewed it. If there is ever a question regarding the history of a document or the actions of an employee, MaxxVault audit logs can report on who, when, where and what was accessed.

In addition, MaxxVault can ensure that documents are retained according to legal and industry regulations. As a documents age they can automatically be moved from active to archive folders. When the document eventually reaches the end of the legal or business obligation to keep it, MaxxVault can prompt the records manager that it is ready for destruction.

With its intuitive interface, MaxxVault will quickly become an indispensable tool for your HR department. With the speed and efficiency that MaxxVault can file and rout documents your HR department will be able to accomplish more in less time. Once your HR department starts using MaxxVault as part of their daily routine, it will be hard to imagine how work was ever completed without it.

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