Customer Service

Immediate response time makes for client satisfaction

Young female operators in headset. Young female operators in headset.[/caption]

Your customer service department’s primary goal is to solve problems quickly and accurately. Their success and efficiency is the face of your organization to your customers and prospects. In our highly competitive world it is often the little things surrounding responsiveness and accuracy in response inquires, or rapid technical support that wins and retains customers. Having a strong customer service department implies a professional and well organized company to your current and prospective clients. With MaxxVault Enterprise in your customer service department, responding to and solving client queries will be a rapid, fluid and efficient process.

With the aid of MaxxVault Enterprise your customer service team has access to all pertinent information they will need to answer questions immediately. No longer will they have to tell your customers that they will call them back after they retrieve the paper records from a filing cabinet or archive. All of your customers’ history is at the finger tips of your customer service representatives. If a client from ten years prior calls to ask about a service or product that was purchased, they can be answered instantaneously. Give your customer service team instant access to all documents, signatures and any comments left by other customer service reps that are need for a complete and accurate response. Your staff will have better morale knowing that they have the ability to do their job well, and your customers will have a constant sense of trust and respect for your company.

Know your customer inside and out

Your customer service team will also enjoy the ability that MaxxVault has to integrate with other customer service recording tools. When notes are added to a customer relationship program about past client communication, MaxxVault can be referenced from within your CRM system in order to have a full, instantly accessible client history. In this way, customer service representatives are able to have a full, well-rounded view of the client in order to help them in a knowledgeable and thorough manner. MaxxVault Enterprise helps your team deliver personalized and efficient customer service that will foster a more loyal and profitable relationship between your company and its clients.