Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance


Reduce time and manpower, and pump up revenue with MaxxVault EDMS in your accounting department. The accounting department has been plagued by monotonous and labor intensive shuffling of papers for long enough. With MaxxVault in place, a needed document and supporting material are only a click away. MaxxVault makes paging from document to document seamless – reducing the time your staff needs to complete tasks.

Using MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management to process incoming and outgoing documents is simple. MaxxVault captures documents from any source (scanner, fax server, e-mail, network folders and any of your department applications) and sorts them immediately according to your company’s exact standards. The documents are then routed according to your document workflow for approval and payment. This ensures that documents are consistently processed in much less time than traditional paper-based operations. Watch and see how the effects of quicker receipt and approval of documents impacts your company’s cash flow. The monetary benefits of MaxxVault cannot be ignored!

Document Retrieval

Industry studies show that employees spend as much as ten times more effort searching for documents than they do reviewing the information within the file. In use, misplaced or lost files can send employees on a wild goose chase, wasting time and causing frustration. Documents stored in MaxxVault can be found quickly and easily using index or full-text searches.

As documents are stored, information such as purchase order, customer, invoice number, invoice total, etc. is stored in corresponding index fields. When a document is needed, it can quickly be found by searching on any one or several of the index values. Even if the document is currently being viewed by another user, in MaxxVault the document can still be found and reviewed.

MaxxVault makes document retrieval as easy as possible. Needed documents can be searched for and presented to accounting clerks without their even having to switch software applications. Because MaxxVault is an open and thoroughly up to date technology, integration with your accounting or line-of-business applications is simple. From within the business application supporting documents can be instantly called up. The information on the screen becomes the search values (such as Purchase Order number) and MaxxVault serves up the needed records.

Accounting for compliance

The advantage of using MaxxVault in your accounting department does not stop with improved access and workflow. Compliance with regulations like SEC, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley and the US Patriot Act will no longer be a strenuous tax on the accounting department’s efforts. MaxxVault Enterprise comes with a retention schedule feature that will allow your administrators to manually or automatically set expiry dates on your documents based on the document type. Corporate records are stored in the read-only archive and are instantly accessible when needed. When a record has reached its expiry date, it will notify the administrator to dispose of it properly. Should a document be required for an indefinite amount of time, for the purpose of litigation or otherwise, MaxxVault’s “legal hold” function will prevent a flagged document’s deletion, even if the document is past its normal retention schedule.

MaxxVault Enterprise can be tailored to accommodate your exact business compliance needs. Users of MaxxVault in your accounting department will worry less about the loss or accidental destruction of documents and be able to focus more on the true tasks at hand.

Dramatically reduce the costs associated with filing, routing and storing paper documents. With MaxxVault, document management is easier than ever. Accounting clerks can access the information they need in a few short keystrokes and customers can get the answers they need within minutes. With the ability to route documents quickly through the payment and collections workflows your team’s profitability will soar.

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