Document Control and Why You Should Implement It

Document Control and Why You Should Implement It
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Document Control and Why You Should Implement It

Many people use the terms document management and document control interchangeably. In reality, the two terms are similar but refer to different things. Document management is a system that houses data, organizing documents and making them searchable and accessible. Document control is narrower and more specialized. Here is more about its importance and why you should consider it for your company.

What is Document Control?

Document control is the name for the processes by which a document is handled within an organization. There are many aspects to this including versioning, an audit trail, workflow, document lifecycles, and compliance. In other words, this is the top tier of information governance. When an organization implements these processes, they commit to the highest standards of information security, accountability, and self-governance. Document management allows for search-and-find. Document control takes a step further into efficiency, security, and compliance.

The Key Benefits of Document Control

While there are absolutely advantages to the storage and search functions in a document management platform, the addition of document control matures the entire system. With the capability of engaging workflows, companies free up both time and money through automation. Because of the automatic audit trails created, there are no longer questions about versions. Additionally, the system includes life-cycling for pertinent documents. This means that relevant documents are created, stored, archived, and then disposed of at the appropriate times unless otherwise specified.

Who Should Implement Document Control

As with every aspect of a business, your requirements dictate your choices. If your organization is small and has few regulatory requirements, a document management and sharing platform may be sufficient for your needs. If, however, you are managing hundreds of employees or have complicated document lifecycle requirements, document control is an obvious choice for your organization. The right tools are a key factor in the success of any business that wants to raise its efficiency, accountability, security, and reliability.

There are plenty of reasons to consider document control a priority. If the thought of an audit terrifies you, document versioning and traceability put your mind at ease. Or perhaps nothing you try gets your workflow moving smoothly. Automation of daily processes and project management allows you to eliminate hindrances to productivity. And if security is a major concern, controlling access ensures a close watch on the accessibility and safety of your documents. If your company is ready to take the next step in information management, contact MaxxVault today about your options for document control.