Deciding on the Best Document Management Software

Deciding on the Best Document Management Software
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Deciding on the Best Document Management Software


So, it’s time to take the leap to digitizing your office. To determine the best document management software for your company, you must first decide what your needs are. Moving your documents online is a great way to reduce costs and waste. It can also increase productivity and efficiency, but one size does not fit all when it comes to choosing software. There are lots of options to choose from and rather than picking one and making it work, take some time to think through the process.

Assessing your Needs

Are you looking to clear out the abundance of paper files and keep your data online? Are you looking for more of an interactive tool with which you and your employees can collaborate virtually in real time? The first step in choosing the best document management software is to decide the function. Are you reducing hard copies or moving your think tank online? Do you need a storage place for old documents that can be easily retrieved or are you looking to increase your remote collaboration and project management? Or perhaps, you are interested in all of those things. The best route is to pull up the available document management software and compare it to your wish list. Read reviews and assess your most critical needs. You might even find needs you didn’t know you had.

What are the Bells and Whistles

All things equal, let’s say you are staring at two document management software solutions that both equally meet your criteria. There are many things to take into account when deciding best features of a software for managing documents. Are there interface limits? Can you have external users? How is offline access, storage and mobile capabilities? If all things are equal in your initial pass and you have come down to a handful of software that suit your needs fine, take the extra step to think through how some of the extra features could aid in your efficiency and productivity even more. Better yet, dream a bit about the future of your company and what you’d eventually like your working office to look like on a daily basis. Picking a software company that is actively improving and looking for more ways to help you run efficiently is a winning partnership.

Do You Have Support?

A serious consideration, is whether or not the software you are considering has responsive customer support. While we like to think that we’ll never need assistance, the truth is, learning curves and glitches happen. Implementing an entirely new system to an office that’s been following a certain protocol for a long time is not going to be seamless. You might experience some growing pains both with the software and the users. It’s a good idea to fully vet the customer support that the document management software offers. Is there a better option at the higher price point that might be better? Additionally, assessing the eagerness to take the feedback from its customers and improve is also a great find in a software package.  

Moving work functions and document storage online is truly the wave of the future. In order to make sure your company starts out on the right foot, it’s important to enter the search thoughtfully. First, you should assess the needs of your company. Then you should decide what you’d like to accomplish by moving files online. Remember to also consider what extra features might be useful and how much support you will receive. Once you know what you are looking for, you can confidently begin to narrow down your options for the best document management software for you and your employees.