Data Security and Document Control

Data Security and Document Control
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Data Security and Document Control

One of the most significant benefits of an electronic document control system is increased efficiency. However, that should not be your only focus when considering document control software. While efficiency is important, keeping your documents secure is even more critical. With paper document control, your only security option is to lock up your private, company documents. You must keep your information in a file cabinet and secure the key. Of course, you can add another layer of security by locking the door to the file room. Then, you will also need to secure that key as well.

Layers of Security

On the other hand, with an Internet-based document control system, you can add numerous layers of security to keep your business information out of the hands of potential hackers. Additionally, you can prevent misplaced information from being lost. Furthermore, a document control system will allow you to develop different layers of access for your employees. For example, you will want access to all records, but the employee health nurse should not be privy to payroll records. To explore the different types of security options available in document control, we’ll delve a little deeper in each area of security.

Access to Documents

When designing your document control software program, you need to consider the types of information different employees need to access. If you are a large organization, this may not be specific names of employees. Instead, this may be various departments of staff or classifications of staff. Once you’ve designed your layers of information access, you develop your document control software package to only allow access based upon established parameters.

Password Protection

Another layer of security for the control of your documents is password protection. To keep information away from hackers, your employees should use unique, complex passwords. For additional layers of security, you can require different password access to more secure areas of data. The more protective layers you have, the more secure your data is.

Document Distribution

Unfortunately, once your staff can access your digital data, it becomes at risk for improper sharing. This sharing could occur by accident or with malicious intent. Moreover, you can design your document control software to prevent the unauthorized distribution of files. Preventing unauthorized distribution is another layer of protection for your data.

Document Recovery

Lastly, when your only source of documentation is paper, your business is at risk of losing all your valuable information. A fire, flood, mildew, smudging, or disintegration can destroy paper products. Unfortunately, once destroyed, you cannot replicate these precious documents. Consequently, when you use digital document storage, restoration of your documentation is straightforward.

In Conclusion

Increased productivity and efficiency are good reasons to move your documents to a digital document storage system. However, these are not the only reasons. Furthermore, you can increase the security of your business information when you move your documentation to a document control software program. There are several ways in which document control can enhance your security. Some of the most important security features of document control include access to documentation, password protection, document distribution, and document recovery. If you aren’t in the process of selecting a digital document storage system, it’s time to begin.