How Data Capture Features in Your Overall ECM Strategy

How Data Capture Features in Your Overall ECM Strategy
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How Data Capture Features in Your Overall ECM Strategy

Data capture is the smoothest way to create digital documents. Your enterprise content management system relies on having digital documents to file, sort, and provide at the right instant. Figuring out a good way to get your paper information into your digital system is vital to making your ECM strategy a reality. Whether from digital forms, or pen and paper questionnaires, data capture features as a vital part of an ECM strategy. These features include keeping documents consistent, implementing fresh information in your system quickly, and acquiring the metadata your content management system needs to succeed.

Aggressively document metadata

The first thing that data capture can do is aggressively document the metadata that is floating through your system. If the digital documents themselves are your data, the meta data is everything about those documents that might be useful to know. It could be important to your sales team to know how old an account is, for example. Your invoicing department should know how a client typically pays their bills. Instead of having to access every document and assess that, they can consult the metadata to learn that the last five payments have been made online.

Metadata is also useful for searching through your archives. The more tags and pieces of metadata that you acquire, the easier it will be to assess your documents. ECM strategy involves not just what you know, but how you learn what you know. Data capture can automatically tag some of the metadata you need for peak performance.

Automation keeps content consistent

Keeping your documents consistent, is just one of the greatest strengths of data capture. Consistency is important for any organizational system. Keeping files organized efficiently is important, however human error often gets in the way of this. Data capture removes the human error factor. Consistency and consistently high accuracy improves your enterprise content management.

The quicker the process the better

Data capture allows new information to enter your enterprise content management system faster. For example, with data capture online forms automatically turn into tagged, metadata entered documents within your system. If you use one of the forms of paper capture, you can even get forms that are filled out in person added to your ECM.

The sooner you have new information in your system, the sooner you can use your system to access the information that you need. New leads can start a paper trail in your business from the moment they express interest in your company. The initial request for a consult or more information becomes the basis of the content that will eventually be their account with your company.

It takes time to manually enter data that most businesses don’t have. Few employees in a healthy company sit around without much to do. Data capture takes some of the repetitive, but important tasks off their plates. They can do the jobs that humans are better at, and data capture can give you prompt, consistent documents. You can even add the metadata you need to fulfill your ECM strategy goals.