Critical Information On The Go – Cloud Document Management Solution

Critical Information On The Go - Cloud Document Management Solution
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Critical Information On The Go – Cloud Document Management Solution

Why Having A Strong Cloud Document Management Solution Is Key

Employees are working on the go more than ever. They attend off-site meetings and work from home or away from the office with more and more regularity. Because of this, the cloud is a vital piece to business productivity. Companies are investing in enterprise document management solutions (EDMS) to improve document visibility, accessibility and efficiency for all members of the organization. Therefore, having a strong cloud document management solution is key. If an organization has the best document management software, yet employees cannot access it on the go, the system does not add value the company. Here why having a strong cloud enterprise document management solution is key.

Cloud EDMS Benefits

With a virtual document management system, companies experience increased efficiency. Employees experience all the benefits of document management system virtually. They open and cycle through documents with a swipe of a finger. In addition, they edit indexes, initiate workflows, and upload new content essential to the business all from a mobile device. Employee efficiency is not lost simply because they are away from the office.

Plus, EDMS offers solid security. Security features such a full-time data encryption using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol are also available through the cloud. This ensures that devices and users communicate privately without third-party snooping. In short, your sensitive corporate data and documents are very safe. You do not have to worry about your sensitive company information leaking into the hands of your competitors or hackers.

Most of all, Cloud EDMS improves accessibility. Your vital corporate information at your fingertips on your mobile device at any time of day and in any location. The cloud provides much desired flexibility, allowing employees to work wherever they are. As a result, they are not tied to desktops, laptops or internet connections. A cloud document management solution provides the ability for employees to connect from anywhere at any time.

Questions to Ask About Cloud EDMS

No doubt, you have some concerns about a cloud-based EDMS system, and you are right to consider a solution carefully. Be sure to find out the answers to the following questions before committing.

How often is the system backed up? Losing vital information in a crash is awful. Replacing lost data costs your company time and money to replace. Be sure that the system will back up your data often so you do not lose any important information.

Also, what are the subscription fees and how are they charged? Do you pay per user or per GB of data used? Knowing the costs up front helps you to determine if a cloud EDMS system make sense for your company.

In addition, the system must be scalable. The system you’re considering might have enough features to benefit your company now, but will it be able to offer more features as your company grows? Be sure to consider the future of your company and you potential document management needs.

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