County Government: How the Public Safety Department Can Benefit from Enterprise Information Management

County Government: How the Public Safety Department Can Benefit from Enterprise Information Management
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County Government: How the Public Safety Department Can Benefit from Enterprise Information Management

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In an emergency, public safety benefits from enterprise information management. A Public Safety Department is a complex organization responsible for some of the most important county level government services. There are many moving parts, and if information isn’t readily available to those who need it, a small problem could escalate extremely quickly. Between the Public Safety Department’s role in disasters and the department’s direct interaction with citizens, the department needs enterprise information management solutions.

Reduce Miscommunication and Delays

Fire departments and other emergency services typically have their own communication systems. However, the Public Safety Department shares responsibility for inter-department communication and disaster response at the very least. Even a minor miscommunication could result in casualties. When the Public Safety Department makes and announcement, organizes rescue efforts, or plays a supporting role in any kind of disaster, it’s important that the first response be accurate.

The best way to improve communication is cut down on the steps taken between asking a question and getting an answer. It’s like the children’s game “Telephone.” The more people who relay the information, the more warped the information becomes. It also, of course, takes much longer for three or four people to pass along a response. By giving responders, analysts, and decision makers the information they need from the beginning, enterprise information management speeds and clarifies all forms of communication.

Respond to Citizens Faster

Imagine how happy the residents of your county would be if they never had to be redirected when they called your office. Enterprise information management solutions improve workflow. That means people making decisions have all the information they need and are prepared to answer questions. It also means department heads and other employees don’t have to stop and ask permission to access specific files. Information management balances security with immediate need. A good system keeps necessary data within reach of the individuals who actually use it. Concerned citizens get answers faster, and the Public Safety Department can solve problems more efficiently.

Create a Better Image for Your Department

One of the key complaints citizens have always voiced about government entities is general hatred of overly complex systems. Although it’s impossible to make all processes as simple as citizens would like, their complaints have some value. The public employees tasked with community interaction may not have access to the data the people they serve actually need. This leaves citizens feeling like their local government either does not know what they are doing or do not want to reveal their plans. Enterprise information management gives every role in county government access to appropriate data. It cuts down on delegation, time-consuming information requests, and other hindrances.

A Public Safety Department must always be ready for disaster. There is no better preparation than organized, available information. Your department may have more to offer than you realize, but without enterprise information management, you may never discover it.  These solutions protect your department and the people you serve.