Contract Management Made Easy with Document Control and Publishing Within MaxxVault

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Contract Management Made Easy with Document Control and Publishing Within MaxxVault

Document Control

One of the ways MaxxVault can make contract management easy for your business is with document control. When handling a contract, it is crucial that the private information stay private. With MaxxVault, you can make sure that only the right people have access to the right documents. You don’t have to worry about someone accidentally opening the wrong file and seeing contract information when they aren’t privy to it. Documents that a person isn’t authorized to access will be safe and secure. Another way MaxxVault offers document control for contracts is by keeping your documents in a central, secure repository that is accessible anywhere there is web access. This gives you the ability to collaborate well using up to the minute versions of a contract. In many cases, contracts get negotiated and altered. It could spell disaster if someone signed an old, outdated version of the contract. With MaxxVault Enterprise, you need not worry about that. Users that have editing privileges can launch their document in the native software application, make changes, and store the documents automatically back into MaxxVault as a new version. The next time someone accesses the document, they will be able to access the new, edited version. Plus, if two people open the document at the same time, only the first person that opens the file has editing availability. Any other users that open the document will only be able to view a “Read Only” version of the contract. This gives you the peace of mind that two people cannot make simultaneous, but differing edits to a document. You will only be able to edit the most up-to-date version of a document.


Another benefit of using MaxxVault for your contract management needs is the way you are able to publish a document within MaxxVault. In the past, people would print a contract and mail it to the recipient. The recipient would have someone look it over, sign it, or make changes, and mail it back to the original sender. This could take days, weeks, or sometimes months. When secure email came along, businesses started emailing contracts that could be printed, manually filled out, copied, and then faxed, mailed, or scanned and emailed back. With MaxxVault Enterprise, these forms can now be made available as E-forms. After data is entered and validated, the forms are captured by MaxxVault. The data entered populates MaxxVault index fields which makes searching for the documents quick and easy. Once secure, the forms can be routed to the appropriate workflow for rapid processing. Benefits include paper and PDF forms that can be easily transitioned to the Web, elimination of a plethora of paper forms, ability to apply signatures electronically, and the elimination of data entry interpretation errors from hard to read signatures.

MaxxVault Enterprise can help you with your contract management needs. If you are consistently pouring through pages and pages of documents or dealing with wasting time searching for misplaced contracts, you need an upgrade…fast. Contact MaxxVault today to see how we can help your business run more smoothly.