Concerns With Security – How MaxxVault Can Help

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Concerns With Security – How MaxxVault Can Help


One thing most companies have in common is their concern for security. Whether it’s physical security or informational security, every business owner wants to be protected and to protect their clients. It seems that the security discussion only intensifies when thinking about purchasing document management software. If you have concerns with security, MaxxVault can help.

Physically Safe

The first security concern a business or organization has is physical security. When you choose to use MaxxVault for your document management needs, your files will be backed up according to your business’ needs. Whether you choose weekly, or monthly, your document back-up can be automated with us. We have the ability to back-up your files to your own network storage device. If you are looking for additional security, you can use MaxxCloud and have your documents backed up in cloud storage.

Not only will MaxxVault back-up your document, we will make sure the information is encrypted, which further protects your documents. You can rest easy that damage or loss to an original file will not cause loss of information.

Electronically Safe

Businesses want to keep prying eyes from looking where they don’t belong. When documents are electronic, what’s to keep anyone from locating a document and perusing it to their heart’s content? Fortunately, that’s where MaxxVault’s document management software steps in. You can use our software to create employee groups which are only allowed access to certain documents. This means that if an employee searches for a keyword to a document they don’t have access to, it won’t show up in the results list.

Our document management software is secure and granular, allowing security to be placed on a folder, document, or even document mark-up, ensuring that only the people that are supposed to be able to access any given document are able to. Let MaxxVault keep your documents electronically secure.

Technologically safe

What about hackers? We know that securing your documents is imperative to concealing trade secrets, protecting sensitive financial data, and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. MaxxVault can set up software that requires user authentication to access files. Not only will your documents be protected with passwords, your files will be encrypted to fend off hackers. Encryption converts data into a format unreadable to those who don’t have the key to unscramble it. It gives you and your clients one more level of security. You can also let your clients know that MaxxVault offers transmission encryption, meaning your information will be encrypted before being sent over public and private networks. You never can be too careful, and MaxxVault makes sure you are covered.

Let MaxxVault ease your mind with secure document management software. Whether you need to limit which employees have access to certain documents or make sure your documents are backed-up regularly on a secure server, MaxxVault offers you the security you need in document management software.