Cloud Security: Is Your Data Safe?

Cloud Security: Is Your Data Safe?
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Cloud Security: Is Your Data Safe?

If you ask anyone about the best way to store data, they will most likely mention cloud platforms. At the same time, paper documents and other unsafe forms of data sharing are still the norm. Even in companies that have moved to mostly electronic documents, the file-sharing processes are not secure. Employees share electronic files via unsecured methods like Dropbox, USB drive, or email attachment. Many businesses do not even have clear policies for file sharing. Here are some things you should know about your documents, cloud security, and how online document management is the best way to keep your data safe.

Why Paper Doesn’t Cut It

Locking paper documents in filing cabinets used to be the number one form of data security. Because of the prevalence of paper, it feels counter-intuitive to say that continuing this method puts your data at unnecessary risk. Nevertheless, remaining with a paper system is one of the most common security mistakes businesses make. It’s important to understand the risks paper can pose and the solutions that cloud-based platforms can offer.

Simply put, remaining with a paper system under lock and key leaves countless security factors out of your hands. Who has access (via a key) to sensitive information? How are the documents handled when they are out of the filing system? Maybe staff members carry them home in unlocked cases. Or perhaps they are left out on desks where maintenance workers, clients, or other unauthorized persons could view them. Paper documents, regardless of the security of their storage, create security risks. There is just no sufficient way to protect and maintain restrictions on access.

The news frequently reports on “data breaches” and hackers breaking into networks to steal data. We also hear of accidentally released information, through employee error or other malfunction. It’s important to realize that digital security has come a long way and continues to improve. The tools in place on a cloud-based document management platform will keep your data secure and accessible in ways that paper never could. Here is how that happens.

How Cloud Security Works

Moving to a cloud-based system frees up space in your office and time in your schedule. It gives you all the convenience of an easily searchable and manageable system. But more importantly, you gain all these benefits while also enjoying unprecedented security.

A document management system is a shared electronic space for everyone who needs access to your data. However, unlike a filing cabinet, the encryption on your cloud-based platform allows each person their own level of access. The only documents available to a particular individual are those that are relevant to them.

An electronic document management system also means that you no longer have to worry about mismanagement when a document is “outside” its secure space. Employees and other relevant parties can access what they need from any device, anywhere with wireless internet, without the risk of leaving it, losing it, or the wrong eyes seeing the information. Don’t worry about misplaced spare keys or unattended files. Even if hackers breach your office network or a disaster hits it, your data is safely tucked away in an unimpacted virtual space.

It’s easy to see why paper documents, locked away in a drawer, feel more secure than those stored in an electronic system. At the same time, only by digitizing and storing your important data in a cloud-based document platform can you ensure that it is truly safe. Are you ready to trade in your risky paper system for high-end cloud security? If so, contact MaxxVault today to find out more about our cloud-based document services.