Cloud Document Management vs On-Site Storage

Cloud Document Management vs On-Site Storage
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Cloud Document Management vs On-Site Storage

While on-site electronic document storage have been the standard for a while, cloud document management is quickly taking over. There are some pros and cons to each, and choosing the right service for you is highly individual. Today we’ll discuss some of the considerations you should make as you choose.


While using services around the world sounds costly, in reality, cloud-based document management is far less expensive than on-site. Think of it this way: the task of maintaining and housing the massive servers your data needs would add lots of dollars to your overhead cost. However, if you share servers at a different location, that cost is defrayed significantly. Additionally, your ability to upgrade or downsize your storage is as simple as a phone call and doesn’t leave you scrambling, attempting to adapt your physical space.

Database Size

This one really depends on your organization. If your database is massive (think terabytes and more), then it’s possible that on-site storage will be a better choice for you. This is also true for companies who need ready and regular high levels of document control. However, companies with those kinds of storage needs are rare. For all other organizations, a cloud document management is easy to use and can flex with your storage needs.


There are many misconceptions about the security (or lack thereof) in the cloud. Cloud computing has been around for a while now, and its managers have enormous incentive to keep it secure and well-protected. At the same time, there is something psychologically soothing about being able to use a lock and key to protect your data servers. So in the end, this consideration is a toss up and really depends on your preferences.


If you have employees or contractors who work remotely, or if you have hundreds of users who need access to your data, the cloud makes perfect sense for you. Document sharing, mobility, and parallel work processes are some of cloud computing’s greatest strengths. Additionally, if you do not have or want an IT department, the cloud has that covered. Instead of needing regular maintenance on-site, your tech support needs will be handled through your cloud document management platform.

On-site storage is familiar and expected. However, as technology continues to advance, cloud document management makes the most sense for more and more organizations. Curious to have an expert weigh in on your options? Contact MaxxVault today to discuss the best platform for your needs.