Cloud Content Management is More Than Just Digital Storage

Cloud Content Management is More Than Just Digital Storage
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Cloud Content Management is More Than Just Digital Storage

We talk a lot here at MaxxVault about the benefits of going paperless. By moving your documents to electronic storage, you gain many benefits. For example, your costs go down and your efficiency increases. Unfortunately, going paperless by digitizing documents is often where many organizations stop. By not continuing their digital transformation, these companies miss out on even greater opportunities. Cloud content management is far more than just a digital filing system. Here are three different capabilities that many users overlook in their content services platform.

Workflow Automation

The ultimate tool for efficiency, workflow automation allows your employees to do the things that matter. A cloud content management system has workflow capabilities that take over the rote daily tasks that are time-consuming and distracting. For example, a workflow can generate responses to information requests and form submissions or move projects through the company for approval. Furthermore, the workflow is traceable. Your reports show you what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Mobile Collaboration

Having all of your documents in one repository is helpful, but what about access? One of the greatest strengths of cloud content management is the guarantee of instant access to all of your data via web browser. Your staff connects and communicates from anywhere with internet access, from their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. However, the access doesn’t end with documents. A content management platform provides you with the ability to track projects, collaborate, and see business happen in real time. You no longer have to be in the office to get work done. A cloud-based system keeps you connected regardless of location.

Software Integration

Before you began your company’s digital transformation, you undoubtedly used software to capture, catalog, store, and manage your data. If you have not yet integrated your software with your cloud content management system, you are missing an opportunity for a huge boost in efficiency. Integration allows for a single access point for all of your company’s information. All departments, all records, and all projects can be found in one place. This lowers costs and raises productivity almost instantly. Regardless of the industry, the system flexes to fit your needs.

A digital transformation is far more than moving your storage from physical space to the cloud. If your company is going to compete, it is essential that you utilize all the functionality of your new content management system. By taking advantage of automation, mobility, and integration features, you guarantee your organization a new level of efficiency and progress. If you are interested in hearing more about the cloud content management options for your organization, contact MaxxVault today.