ISLANDIA, NY — Nov 15, 2010 / ( — MaxxVault LLC is proud to announce that the MaxxVaultTM document management solution is certified CitirxTM Ready. Managing the applications installed on user PCs is time consuming and expensive. Using Citrix, organizations can enable on-demand access to applications like MaxxVault, increasing the productivity of the I.T. staff as they can manage MaxxVault from one centralized location.

“Delivering access to MaxxVault via Citrix provides a tremendous advantage,” said Ken Bly, CTO of MaxxVault LLC. “From an administrator’s standpoint, system management is much easier. Since the users access a virtual copy of the desktop, there is only one machine that needs attention when there are system upgrades or changes. Without Citrix, administrators have to run the update on each PC that has MaxxVault installed, wasting time and money. From the users’ perspective, they benefit from the rich and robust user experience that can only be provided by a thick client/desktop application. Additionally, because data is not transferred over the network (only mouse clicks and keystrokes), the MaxxVault centralized library of documents is even more secure.”

As MaxxVault was built to be flexible, open, and to work with industry leaders like Citrix, obtaining Citrix Ready status was effortless. When used in conjunction with MaxxVault, Citrix provides additional cost savings while delivering the ideal user experience that can only accompany desktop application access. Citrix Ready MaxxVault makes simple document management even easier.