Choosing Legal Document Management Software

Choosing Legal Document Management Software
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Choosing Legal Document Management Software

In today’s world, choosing the right technology for your law firm is essential to your business. Some tech tools provide the tools, security, and features that prepare your firm for success. Your task is to choose the legal document management software that will best serve your needs. Here are four qualities to look for in a content services platform to ensure it meets your requirements.


While your firm may have an office, it is likely that you conduct a significant portion of your business elsewhere. This means that you need secure access to your documents and files while you are in meetings, at the courthouse, and on the road. To give you the best mobile options, legal document management software often includes credentials you can use from any device. Additionally, your files are only accessible to users with the correct login information, even if your device is misplaced or stolen.

Document Versioning

In order to maintain regulatory compliance, it is essential that your firm tracks documents throughout their lives within your walls. The majority of legal document management software includes document versioning to ensure your compliance and security. As parties create, review, edit, and approve documents, your document platform makes a note of the time, action, and user involved. You can then view, compare, and restore each version. This record serves as audit protection as well as guaranteeing accountability.

Index with Search Capabilities

Document storage is not enough when you need to access a myriad of documents with instant recall and often at unpredictable times. Many legal document management software platforms automatically index your files, giving you quick and simple search functionality. Set your own index parameters and the system does the rest. Files can be indexed according to subject, client, date, and more. Get the information you need, when you need it.

Paper Integration

Your law firm will clearly still need paper. The majority of documents still come to you via paper. If your legal document management software is truly going to cover your whole practice, you need regular paper integration processes in place. This means you look for fax and printer integration that captures every document as it passes. You can scan all documents directly into your software to be integrated via the index automatically. Without this component, the platform cannot truly serve your firm as a whole.

Not just any software can work for a law firm. The legal, security, and accessibility requirements set a high standard for functionality. Looking for legal document management software? Contact MaxxVault today to find out more about the features and benefits available to you.