Choosing the Best Content Management System for Your Business

Choosing the Best Content Management System for Your Business
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Choosing the Best Content Management System for Your Business

When shopping for content services, there are many factors to consider. While price and features top many lists, there are other content needs that should also inform your choice. Today we will look at four steps that will lead you to the best content management system for your needs.

Assess Your Software Needs

The first step to choosing content services software is assessing your company’s needs. Each company is unique, and your particular requirements will tell you far more than reviews and recommendations. Look at what type of files you need to store and access, how many users you have, what types of automation you need, and what software you want to integrate. Get a clear idea of your software needs. Then, you will be able to focus in on the best content management system for your particular business.

Consider Industry Regulations

All content management software contains some level of security and protection. However, if you operate in an industry with significant regulations, it is important to ensure that your new software meets those requirements. As you search for the best content management system for your needs, be sure to ask questions about security and compliance. Look for document solutions that include advanced permission settings, file encryption, and audit trails.

Look at the Current Client Base

The satisfaction of current customers is a good indication of the quality of a company and its products. At the same time, if the clients using a content services platform are in dramatically different industries than yours, their experiences may not inform your choice. Content management companies appeal to clients based on the unique and targeted services they offer. Look for a company that serves businesses similar to your own with positive results.

Ask for Opportunities to Test-Drive

In the end, the best content management system for your business is the one that allows you to do the work you want to do, in the way you want to do it, with the greatest comfort. It is difficult to know how well your vision and intention will mesh with a product without experiencing the platform first-hand. For this reason, we recommend asking for the opportunity to “test-drive” any platform that seems to be a good fit. Take the opportunity to experience the user interface and various capabilities of the software. This hands-on experience will tell you more about a product than any sales pitch or online review could offer.

Choosing a content service platform is a process that requires careful planning and research. It also produces unique results for every client, since individual needs demand individual solutions. If you are in the market for the best content management system, MaxxVault provides flexible and industry-specific solutions that will meet your needs. Contact us today for more information.