Managing Change Throughout Company Automation

Managing Change Throughout Company Automation
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Managing Change Throughout Company Automation

The hardest part of any organizational shift is change management. This is clearly seen especially in technology changes. Successfully moving your organization into regular company automation requires a consistent and thoughtful change management strategy. Today we will review some helpful tips for managing change as you move your organization into the technological future.

Provide Ample Training

Because you have likely been aware of the changes in your company far longer than the majority of your staff, you may feel comfortable and prepared when many others do not. A good change management strategy includes training and educational opportunities until the vast majority of team members are comfortable with the new platform. Don’t rely on your own sense of completion to determine how long you continue education. Instead, remain in touch with the newest and least-experienced members of your team and gauge your success by their experience.

Emphasize Flexibility

Your new company automation holds benefits for everyone in your organization. While you may be tempted to focus on the best aspects for you, remember to adjust your education to your audience. In company-wide communication, highlight ways that the new software will increase efficiency for many different departments and teams. As a leader, stretch yourself to find different perspectives on the new tools so you are better capable of getting a variety of staff members excited about new possibilities.

Focus on Integration

Many companies put off implementing new platforms because they fear a loss of productivity due to the learning curve. The only way your new automation system will work for your organization is if you fully take advantage of its potential for integration. Explore the ways that your established software operates within the new automation you plan to establish. Then, take the time to train your staff to use familiar programs within your new framework. This will maintain your efficiency throughout the automation process.

Maintain the Conversation

It may be tempting to do all of your change management prior to the implementation of a new program. However, there is a crucial window of time following the introduction of a new platform when support is essential for success. With this in mind, maintain open lines of communication following the start date for your company automation. Consider establishing a support team, holding regular forums, and encouraging regular feedback from all departments. If your employees know that you are open to all types of feedback, they are more likely to seek help with frustrations rather than giving up on the new software.

Your change management strategy is just as important as the company automation software you choose. Without your team’s engagement and investment in the automation platform, your company will underutilize the tools available. With careful and intentional planning, your change management strategy promises to bring your whole organization to new heights of efficiency. Interested to know more? Contact MaxxVault today to discuss your company automation potential.