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Medical Stop-loss Underwriters Regroup with MaxxVault

RMTS-logoRMTS LLC is one of the largest Managing General Underwriters of Medical Stop Loss, Group Life and AD&D coverage in the United States. RMTS is one of the few remaining privately owned Managing General Underwriters in the country, and while they work with some of the nation’s largest, most prestigious insurance companies, their independence and ability to make all underwriting and claims decisions on business placed with them sets them apart from their competition. Creative underwriting approaches for outside-the-box groups and a knowledgeable claims staff who recognizes the trust placed in them to handle Medical Stop Loss claims quickly and competently places RMTS at the top of their industry. What else is produced with all of these claims and underwriting? Paper, and lots of it!

Just two departments, Underwriting and Claims, generate enormous amounts of paper. The Underwriting Census printout alone is 1,000 sheets at a minimum, creating files five to six inches thick each. Any one given claim request in the Claims Department can generate three of these six-inch thick files! As you can see, file cabinet space becomes prime real estate; the in-house storage room is packed with thousands of files stacked on shelves, with the overflow stored in boxes on any available floor space. These files need to be kept close at hand for immediate reference or litigation. The third-party off-site data storage facility costs skyrocketed as files need to be securely kept for seven years due to regulations. The way files were being stored was not working. Files were difficult to locate, even the files onsite, as they would be relocated constantly as staff needed them to retrieve information. RMTS decided they needed a better system.

“Users are becoming more comfortable with the search and store forms and are locating documents at a much better rate.”

Donna Zarillo, IT Manager for RMTS, was shouldered with the task of tackling the project: “The company thought it best to look at the project from a server-storage issue, and how the application would assist all four departments to create a better workflow between them.” She enlisted the help of RDI Solutions, and during an appointment to discuss hardware leases the discussion about document management began. RDI Solutions inquired about initiatives at RMTS to address compliance, workflow, document storage and litigation preparedness. Learning of the expressed need and interest at RMTS to address these concerns, RDI was able to demonstrate the impact Sharp’s OSA Platform could have on those challenges. RDI recommended MaxxVault as a workflow solution. 2 years into the MFP lease, the MaxxVault solution was chosen over a field of 5 providers, including Doculex and Onbase.

“MaxxVault came on site and presented an application that was user-friendly,” continued Donna. “Server and desktop application setup was uncomplicated. The addition of custom forms coupled with easy scanning from several different printers and scanners make the administration for end-users quick and uncomplicated.”

MaxxVault met with department executives and was hammered for several hours on the functionality of the program as it addressed each department. The executives left the meeting feeling comfortable with the MaxxVault solution – keep in mind most of them are litigation lawyers! “MaxxVault was able to provide out-of-the-box responses to all of the questions, very refreshing!”

The project began in the Claims Department by immediately back-scanning the storerooms of documents into MaxxVault. Contracts from the Underwriting Department came next. Now employees had immediate access to the documents they needed to make decisions on claims and litigation. The entire off-site storage room was scanned and indexed. Next, MaxxVault engineers met with department managers and re-created the existing file structure electronically to ease the learning curve for the employees. Most departments received custom e-forms and single-click search criteria so they could work quicker and more efficiently.

Donna had this to say about MaxxVault Professional Services: “Customer service support is extremely professional. Support requests are resolved almost immediately, and even if they are onsite with another customer they set up online sessions during the off-hours to see what is occurring. They have been friendly, professional and courteous at all times”.

The subsequent installation of MaxxVault and connectivity with Sharp OSA MFPs was seamless; resulting in a decentralized scanning workflow across all departments at RMTS. With just the two Canon scanners and three Sharp multi-function devices set up with OSA installed by RDI Solutions — and a matter of only four months —the repository holds over 175,000 files and is growing rapidly. Replicating the familiar folder structure has aided the end-users in the transition to EDMS, and they are quickly becoming comfortable with the electronic forms and searches. The Claims Department receives a lot of medical information via email, and whether it is a MS Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF, the user simply drops it into the MaxxVault folder and fills out the index form to kick off the workflow process or add to an existing one. There is a lot less paper around the office. File cabinets are emptying as the scanning project continues and the time looking for files has been cut down dramatically; and last but not least, the company is fully HIPAA compliant.

Benefits realized:

• HIPAA Compliance
• Secure, encrypted files on the network
• One central repository
• Instant access to documents from anywhere
• Instant access to the most up-to-date files
• Dramatic decrease in lost and misplaced files
• Reduced paper consumption and storage
• Reduced copying
• Less time to manage and retrieve documents

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