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Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation

parker-jewish-logoParker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, located in New Hyde Park, New York, is a highly acclaimed non-profit that offers inpatient short term rehabilitation, sub-acute care and nursing home care, as well as a comprehensive network of community health care services. The range and excellence of adult health care and rehabilitation programs developed by the innovative professionals of the Parker Jewish Institute enable men and women to move within a comprehensive network of services geared to each stage of recovery, as well as individual and family needs.

Providing the best care possible requires that doctors, nurses and other care givers have the latest and most accurate information about the patient. To ensure that patient information is available when needed, the admissions and Home Care departments found they had to make a copy of the patient file for each department of the institute. Copying the patient file ten to fifteen times was not only expensive, but required 10 to 15 times more storage facilities and consumed too much time to manage and retrieve the documents.

MaxxVault Solution

In order to gain control of the document process, the Parker Jewish Institute turned to MaxxVault to simplify the sharing of patient information. By placing Fujitsu scanners at the workstations in the Home Care and Admissions departments, as documents are completed they are scanned immediately into the MaxxVault central repository. Once captured, the staff input the key identifying information into five index fields.

For Home Care workers and supervisors, accessing patient files is a simple matter of entering the patient name or number into the MaxxVault search. “While the administration of MaxxVault requires no great effort I am most impressed with the user friendly interface,” said Freddy Marcel, Information Services Consultant for Parker Jewish. “Since we’ve started with MaxxVault, I have not received any calls from the users looking for re-training or to trouble shoot a problem. I can think of no better information system than one that is so effortless that even casual users are able to manage it themselves.”

While the Home Care documents are retrieved via web browser interface, the Admissions documents are accessed differently. To maintain efficiency, the Parker Jewish administrators wanted all patient information available from their SigmaCare® electronic medical records (EMR) system. To accomplish this, once the admissions documents are indexed in MaxxVault they are automatically routed to an export folder from which the documents are then uploaded into SigmaCare. Now, doctors and nurses have all patient information in one location and don’t have to fuss with a mix of electronic records and paper files.


“The addition of MaxxVault has quickly eliminated a great deal of pressure on both our physical resources and our staff,” explains Vincent Villany, Director of Information Systems. “The tremendous volumes of paper were quickly outgrowing our file rooms. Thanks to MaxxVault, not only do we have the growth under control but anticipate re-purposing storage space for offices or patient care. In addition, we are subject to numerous audits requiring a great deal of our staffs’ time to collect the information. The almost instant retrieval of documents that MaxxVault enables saves considerable time and labor. In only a few months MaxxVault has so completely transformed how we access patient information for the better that other departments are clamoring for us to expand MaxxVault to include their files.”

Benefits realized:

• Eliminated the need to copy files multiple times
• Alleviated pressure on overcrowded storage rooms
• HIPAA HITECH Compliance
– Encrypt files on the network
• One central repository
• Instant access to documents from any site
• Instant access to the most up-to-date patient files
• Dramatic decrease in lost or misplaced files• Direct integration to SigmaCare®
• Tremendous costs savings:
• Reduced paper consumption
• Reduced copying
• Eliminated shipping between sites and departments
• Reduced labor to manage and retrieve documents

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