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Engineering Group Constructs Long-lasting Infrastructure

United-Consulting-LogoUnited Consulting has been providing clients with quality service they can depend on since 1965. Providing construction engineering services for a wide variety of projects from large road and bridge construction to small culvert replacement, their continuing goal is to achieve excellence by providing the highest quality of service.

“We are now looking at new e-mail storage rules after seeing the abilities of MaxxVault in action, and invoicing is nearly paperless.”

This combination of quality service, superb employees, unquestionable integrity and effective communication puts United in the position to achieve success time and time again. From project plans and proposals to HR and accounting, United Consulting creates a lot of documents, all on paper, and all kept in file cabinets. These documents went through a series of storage levels that culminated in an offsite facility: a detached garage!

Michael Farrell was concerned at how reliant the company was on physical paper when he began his employment as Controller at United Consulting. Teaming up with owner and IT Manager Chris Pope, they called upon Sharp Business Systems to discuss new initiatives to provide electronic backup of key administrative documents that included tax, HR, accounting, government reporting and client contracts, just to start.

Erin Brashears at Sharp Business Systems recommended MaxxVault to manage and store the documents and information scanned with the Sharp OSA and Kodak 12400 scanners, and the project began in the accounting and HR departments. MaxxVault was installed featuring a series of data lookups that seamlessly links into the Ajera system by Axium, the accounting software used at United Consulting. A year later, more departments have been brought into the system and a few necessary workflows have been established and set in place.

United Consulting is now using the Print to MaxxVault feature extensively, as well as capturing information via E-Forms, COLD/ERM, and saving to MaxxVault from MS Office applications at a rate of approximately 3,000 pages a month. New documents are not being kept in paper form and United Consulting has seen a drastic reduction in storage costs. Five full-size filing cabinets, twenty payroll binders and a bookshelf have been removed from the accounting office alone. Being able to access and provide information faster and in a desired format is an addition to the ROI achieved by the firm, and system usage is growing every month! The more information in the system, the more people want to add to it.

What are some plans for the future? United Consulting is now looking at new e-mail storage rules after seeing the abilities of MaxxVault in action, and invoicing is nearly paperless. As the repository grows, it is being relied upon for document retrieval more and more as opposed to merely storage, rapidly reducing access time and giving customer service an added boost in client satisfaction.

Benefits realized:

• Secure, encrypted files on the network
• One central repository
• Instant access to documents from anywhere
• Instant access to the most up-to-date files
• Dramatic decrease in lost and misplaced files
• Reduced paper consumption and storage
• Reduced copying
• Less time to manage and retrieve documents

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