Is it time to upgrade your document control software? As a business owner, your documents are some of your most important assets. Without proper maintenance of your records, your business falls behind the competition. When you have up to date document control software, you improve your practices. What business practices are improved? You not only streamline your business, you additionally improve your employee’s overall work experience. If you are still storing your documents in file cabinets, it is time to upgrade your document control software. However, if you are using an older version of document control software, it may still be time to make those necessary updates.

Older Document Control Software

In the past, your only document control software option was to house a server on onsite. As a result, you had to find a storage location for hardware. Moreover, you had to find a way to maintain, cool, and power these servers. The cost of these systems was expensive to purchase and to fix if issues arose.

Features and Latest Functions

However, by upgrading to newer document control software, you can place the responsibility for maintaining these servers on a third-party vendor. These third-party vendors are cloud-based document control software programs. With a cloud-based system, you get the added benefit of the newest features and functions without the worry of maintaining the system.

Document Management Disaster Recovery

If your current system is paper-based or in onsite servers, your documents are at risk of being destroyed. When a system malfunction or natural disaster occurs without document backup, your business is at serious risk of not recovering from the catastrophe. However, if you have your documents housed in a cloud-based system, your information will automatically be backed up.

Improved Employee Efficiency

Another reason that you need to upgrade your document control software is to improve employee efficiency. Your employees can access information from anywhere at any time with a cloud-based system. As a result, waiting for files to transfer from one department to another is a thing of the past. Additionally, your employees can integrate information from multiple sources. By integrating information, your employees will spend less time handling the same information on different platforms.

Enhanced Security

The last reason that you need to upgrade your document control software is due to inefficient security practices. If you are relying on paper-based documents, your information is not secure. You have no record of who accesses your data. By upgrading to a cloud-based system, these options are standard features of document control.

Upgrade Your Document Control Software

If you don’t have up to date document control software, you need to upgrade. By upgrading you can have access to the newest features and functions at a fraction of the cost of putting in a new server. Not to mention, you can improve your document security and prevent the complete loss of your business data. Lastly, the productivity of your employees will increase.