Best Document Management Software

Best Document Management Software

Making the right decisions can be a tricky thing, especially if you don’t have the right data. Missing, old or incomplete information can impact your business, delay healthcare decisions, compromise legal cases and otherwise misinform. MaxxVault is one of the Best Document Management Software Companies in the market today. Our team can help you make the best possible software solution.

So how do you keep track when the information is spread between different applications, stored in different locations, hidden within network directories, strewn through various e-mails or isolated on a particular workstation? The best answer is easy: MaxxVault document management software.

Keeping your documents in a central, secure repository that is accessible anywhere there is web access ensures that you can collaborate using the most recent, up-to-date version of the document. There is no need to comb through files, folders or e-mail attachments. A quick index or full-text search delivers the document along with all prior versions of the document. If a change was made minutes ago at head office, the worker on the road or in a satellite office will access that new version. And if it is needed, the entire history of the document is kept, including all previous versions of a document. So, if you need to find a deleted paragraph from a Microsoft Word policy document, you have it; if you need to know when the comments from a different doctor were added to a patient’s x-ray, you can find out; and if a building development data analysis spreadsheet needs updating, it is at your fingertips.

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Any best in class document management system should be flexible, simple to use and robust. Not one solution is right for all companies so at MaxxVault we offer 3 product offerings. MaxxVault Enterprise is designed for medium and larger companies and delivers one of the Best Enterprise Content Management solutions in the industry today. MaxxVault Enterprise has all the major features you would expect from a full featured product like workflow, digital signatures, records management, advanced capture, e-forms, document control and versioning. MaxxDocs is our entry product designed for the SMB marketplace. Clients don’t have to spend a fortune to start managing their digital files and making then accessible to their staff 24×7 via secure web browser interface. MaxxDocs is one of the most cost effective and feature rich products in the small business marketplace today. You don’t want to manage your own servers and application? Don’t worry we have you covered with our fully hosted MaxxCloud solution.  MaxxCloud makes rolling out enterprise workflow and document management solutions simple and fast.

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