DMS for Nonprofits

DMS for Nonprofits
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DMS for Nonprofits


Nonprofits must comply with various laws and regulations in order to stay in operation and avoid costly fines and penalties. The level of document security that is expected of nonprofit organizations is very difficult to maintain, especially without a smooth process, such as that which can be provided by document management solutions. How would a document management software benefit a nonprofit organization? Here are just a few ways:

Organize and Declutter

Most nonprofit organizations are cluttered with volunteer applications, donor records, files, and tax returns. You can increase file organization and staff productivity with a structured, yet tailored document management solution. Improve workflow and receive immediate access to volunteer related information, drastically shortening document retrieval times. Going paperless will also enable you to remove those bulky file cabinets that are cluttering your office space.

Streamlined Process

Many nonprofits are turning to document management solutions to improve the flow of information. There is a constant growing demand for tools to help capture content, extract high value data and automate processes. If circulation within your organization is proving to be overly time-consuming, you can improve efficiency and boost productivity by using a document management software. It can be easily adapted to any paper intensive process to free your staff from repetitive tasks. Tasks are automated so volunteers can spend their time where it is needed most.

Stay Secure and In-Compliance

Nonprofits are required to keep detailed proof of donations coming in, as well as where they are going. If your record keeping isn’t accurate, you could face major legal issues. Document management software allows scanned images to be managed electronically to safeguard paper trails, as well as security measures for individual users. Moreover, you can set reminders through your document management software to make sure you stay compliant. Document management software allows nonprofits to operate in confidence, knowing documents are safe from mismanagement.

In conclusion, whether you are part of a public or private nonprofit foundation, you will be able to reduce operating costs, improve time management, and create structured content by turning your paper documents into a digital format with document management solutions. The results are less time spent paper chasing and more time helping your cause. Your non-profit business can thrive off the capabilities to easily access, edit, and store company specific documents in a sage and secure database.