How Auto Indexing Software Increases Your Company’s Efficiency

How Auto Indexing Software Increases Your Company’s Efficiency
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How Auto Indexing Software Increases Your Company’s Efficiency

Document management software gives your company a distinct advantage. The mobility, accessibility, and security of EDM software is the framework for an efficient and successful workforce. However, if you want to further accelerate your edge, take advantage of the benefits of auto indexing software. Here are four ways in which automated indexing increases your organization’s efficiency.

Quick Search & Power Search Functions

Paper files are impossible to search quickly. Even if you have confidence about the location of specific information, handling paper requires considerable time and patience. Auto indexing software transforms searching into a quick and simple process. The contents of your documents are searchable in seconds and simultaneously. Additionally, the MaxxExtract automatic indexing software includes a power search function which enables users to search in any language.

Searchable Images and PDFs

Without AI auto indexing software, scans, TIFF files, and PDFs are nothing more than image files you must view to be searched. Through automation, your document platform reads image files and creates searchable versions of them. This vastly increases the variety of files that are accessible through your document management system. Don’t spend time searching for “that one PDF” again. Instead, implement a framework that does the search and retrieval for you.

Adaptation to Your Needs

Because automated indexing software operates through machine learning, it has the ability to flex to meet your company’s needs. Through character training, your company can modify OCRVault to recognize specific character sets or fonts. Therefore, regardless of the symbology or style of your files, the system catalogs the information therein. Also, your index is not restricted to recognition of one native language. In fact, the MaxxExtract system recognizes up to 15 different languages. These abilities to customize your index to your organization’s needs to provide your team with efficient and powerful document retrieval.

Barcode Interpretation

Barcodes are frequently used for identification and classification within organizational systems. With this in mind, the MaxxExtract system supports barcode interpretation on documents in your system. This means that any barcodes found in your files are translated into the correct index value and indexed accurately. OCRVault supports both 1D and 2D barcode recognition.

Reliable auto indexing software increases your company’s competitive edge with almost immediate results. Utilize the system’s powerful search functions to locate the information you need across your entire database and throughout all types of files. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.