What Artificial Intelligence Means for Document Control

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Document Control
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What Artificial Intelligence Means for Document Control

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve your document control in the near future? AI continues to make yearly advancements in both document management and operational capacities. While the advancements may not be on pace with certain sci-fi movies, we are inching ever so close to computers that think and make decisions in ways that only humans could do before. For example, we may not have driverless automobiles yet, but we do have park assist and collision avoidance systems. In a few short years, the driverless vehicle will undoubtedly be a possibility. But, what does AI mean for document control?

Document Control Security

In the business world, AI advancements will continue to improve both productivity and document control. One area that will see continued progress will be in document control security. The future is trending towards facial recognition software access. Once facial recognition is the standard, you will be able to purchase or design software to further protect your documents. Right now, you can identify departments or levels of staff that can access, update, and edit data. With facial recognition, you will have an added layer of security to ensure that only authorized personnel are inputting and accessing business documents. Eventually, you will have computer equipment, software programs, printers, and even copiers that will not operate unless they recognize an individual’s face as an authorized user.

Document Control Productivity

In addition to document control security through AI, the productivity of your staff is about to skyrocket. Now, your software package includes search and find features that must consist of correct wording to locate the right file or document. Upcoming AI document control will increase the speed of finding those documents. Instead of needing the exact wording, your future software program will “talk” to you like a “real” person and understand what you are looking for and find it. As a result, you have room for human error and still find the document. This ability will save time and effort. Moreover, your staff will increase productivity as they are not wasting time looking for documents.

Document Control Sorting and Extrapolating

AI advancements are already increasing document control through sorting and extrapolating functions. There are companies designing algorithms to help sort through data and identify and extrapolate data to identify trends and patterns. With these defined trends and patterns, business owners can make necessary changes to improve their overall business operations. There are also systems that can scan and recognize information on documents to eliminate the need to upload and sort information individually. We anticipate that these operational capacities will continue to grow and expand as AI continues to evolve.

Your Personal Assistant Awaits

Lastly, the future of AI will be a personal assistant. This assistant will read reports to you based on your verbal command. While the current verbal information systems, such as Alexa and other devices, are rudimentary, the outlook is bright for what these types of devices will do. To have a device that can complete complex tasks based on your verbal instruction will provide additional time for business owners and staff to focus on customer satisfaction.

In Conclusion

With the continued advancements of AI, it is only a matter of time before the security of your document control improves. Not to mention, AI will streamline your business and make finding data easier. Moreover, future advancements will ensure that only the staff with access authority are inputting and accessing the appropriate documents.