Answers to Common Questions About Cloud Content Management

Answers to Common Questions About Cloud Content Management
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Answers to Common Questions About Cloud Content Management

More and more organizations are moving away from paper documents. Instead, they are choosing to entrust their information to cloud-based document management platforms. But since these services are fairly new in the history of documents, it is understandable that prospective users would have questions about cloud content management, how it works, and why it is an excellent option for every industry. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the cloud.

What Is Cloud Content Management?

Cloud content management is a system that captures and organizes your many essential business documents and other data. Your documents are stored electronically and can be accessed through a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world. Also, a document management system maintains your infrastructure by syncing with your current software and providing full IT support.

Who Can Benefit from Using Cloud-Based Document Management?

There is a wide range of industries taking advantage of cloud content management. The organizations that benefit most from content services are those which manage large amounts of data, such as education or legal firms. Healthcare and government organizations also benefit from the compliance, organization, and automation that managed digital content provides. But really, any company that is pursuing a greener, more secure, or more efficient workplace can benefit from cloud-based content services.

Is the Cloud Secure?

This is one of the number one hangups for companies considering making the switch to digital document management. It seems as though everyone has heard a terrible story of data breaches or systems crashing. In reality, cloud computing is becoming more secure every day, as innovators create greater levels of security. And while it may feel insecure to have your information “away” from you in the cloud, the risks of paper documents are much greater. At MaxxCloud, we use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, meaning that no third party could tamper with any data. MaxxCloud clients also have their own unique databases and IP address, ensuring stress-free security.

What Does the Transition to Cloud Content Management Look Like?

Initially, the digital transformation of your documents takes some investment. But as you scan the documents you choose to store in the cloud, the system will also begin its work. Emails, information requests, online forms, internal communications, and other records will be captured, cataloged, and ready for access when necessary. As you work with your staff to ensure correct permissions and incentivize buy-in with the new platform, your ROI will begin in almost no time at all.

Document management doesn’t need to be a headache. In fact, thanks to the ever-evolving world of content services, your content management platform will work for you. Entrust your documents to a secure, affordable, efficient cloud-based system. If you have more questions about cloud content management and how it could work for you, contact us at MaxxCloud today!