Key Advantages of Electronic Document Storage Systems

Key Advantages of Electronic Document Storage Systems
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Key Advantages of Electronic Document Storage Systems

In the current age of business, there is a wide variety of document storage systems at play. Certain industries maintain or require paper records. Others have gone entirely paperless. The road between these two is full of varying combinations of the two. However, most companies are moving towards electronic document storage because of the significant advantages it offers. These benefits span industries, offering every organization better document options.

Data Protection

Paper documents carry significant security risks. Documents are commonly misplaced, accidentally damaged, or destroyed. Additionally, the measures required to keep paper documents secure severely limit regular access. Ultimately, your data is more secure in electronic document storage systems because its protection relies on programming and doesn’t leave room for human error. The electronic system keeps unauthorized users out while providing flexible and user-friendly control.  

Accelerated Timelines

In the past, project turnaround relied on a drawn-out system of relays as documents traveled back and forth for edits, approval, and signatures. Using an electronic document management system, team members around the world have instant access regardless of location. Also, multiple users can access the same document at once, and simultaneous work doubles your pace. The files in your electronic system are always the most up-to-date and are accessible by a quick and simple search. In short, all of these advantages condense your timeline and increase your efficiency.

Disaster Recovery

Organizations often overlook the necessary step of creating a disaster recovery plan. However, without the appropriate safety measures in place, any company is highly vulnerable to complete loss. Paper documents are especially at risk. Flood, fire, theft, and other unexpected catastrophes result in a drawn-out and expensive recovery at best. In contrast, an electronic document management system stores and creates backups for your documents in an off-site location. This prevents files from being misplaced, but more importantly, it protects them from on-site disasters. With backups stored in secondary locations, even if the primary storage location is damaged in some way, your company experiences a complete and almost immediate recovery.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The advantages of an electronic document management system don’t only affect your employees. In fact, your clients and customers will feel some of the greatest benefits. An electronic system allows you to respond to customer requests promptly and with full knowledge of relevant information. Your staff will have more time to interact with customers and ensure a quality encounter since they have all the documents they need at their fingertips. Your customers will appreciate the professionalism the system adds to their interactions, and your staff gains confidence in their ability to meet your clients’ needs.

Paper document storage is cumbersome, inefficient, and insecure. On the other hand, electronic document storage systems offer efficiency, security, user-friendliness, and peace of mind. Interested in learning more about the advantages of electronic document storage? Contact MaxxVault today for more information.