Four Beneficial Ways to Access Document Storage Software

Four Beneficial Ways to Access Document Storage Software
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Four Beneficial Ways to Access Document Storage Software

Access is a key reason that most companies are opting for document storage software. When companies relied on paper documents, access was extremely limited. To ensure security, files were locked in cabinets and only accessible by limited personnel. Additionally, if documents were required outside of the office, there was a risk of theft or loss. Now, thanks to digital storage, documents are highly accessible while also being entirely secure. Here are four beneficial ways that document storage software allows users to access documents.

Access From Any Workstation

While there are plenty of ways to save digital documents on individual workstations, local storage limits their usability. In contrast, document storage software allows users to log in with unique credentials regardless of location. As a result, any workstation becomes your own once you log in. This feature is especially beneficial for companies with a remote or regularly rotating workforce. Instead of holding physical space for every team member, your document software provides them with a virtual office.

Access Concurrently With Other Users

Formerly, digital documents faced one of two fates: either only one user could access them at a time or multiple users modified the same file, creating confusion and frustration. Both of these outcomes slowed down workflow. Thankfully, document storage software offers a solution. On a digital document platform, files are accessible to multiple users at once. The first team member to access the file can edit it while others are able to view and use the document for reference. This allows multiple users to work on the same project concurrently with the most up-to-date version of the relevant documents.

Access On Mobile Devices

The global workforce is on the move, and without mobility, your company can’t compete. That is why it is so essential that all of your team members can access company documents on their mobile devices. From impromptu meetings to project approval on the go, your staff doesn’t stop achieving just because they’re on the move. Every cell phone, tablet, and notebook is a fully functioning workstation with document storage software. Mobility and productivity don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Access Through Existing Applications

The thought of adding one more piece of software to your system may feel like overkill. Alternatively, you may think that another program will add to your chaos rather than bring order. In reality, document storage software acts as a net that catches all of your data from all entry points. It then indexes and stores these files for ready access from all of your cooperating applications. This means that your team can continue using familiar applications and interfaces while accessing your complete and up-to-date document storage.

All your data and documents mean nothing without access. This is why document storage software companies prioritize convenient and secure accessibility. Interested in learning more? Contact MaxxVault today for further information about accessibility options for your company.