Medical Claims Processing Reporting Just Got Easier

Healthcare organizations process a wide variety of documents, from referrals to medical claims.
Managing these documents is time consuming and expensive. MaxxClaim can help.

In this age of regulation, electronic management of data is becoming increasingly important in offices both large and small.

Real-time reporting is here

MaxxClaim provides department managers the ability to see what is happening in their current processing workflow, right from their desktop or mobile phone.

Managers can see how many documents were received in a workflow, how many have been processed, the current backlog, as well as statistics for current or past hours, days, months and years. Managers have the ability to adjust their agent count to compensate for an unusual spike in document input totals or a decrease in agent availability for an operation.

Off-site managers can have alerts sent to their cell phone, letting them know when a processing metric is in danger of failing a standard.

Example: a claims processing manager wants to receive an alert when the total documents available for processing exceeds 50% of the average for this workflow queue, or if the number of agents signed on and available is 20% less than the average for this workflow. Alerts are customized and controlled by the manager.

Generate reports that are easy to understand and use. A single-click report button provides managers access to the current workload or agent productivity. Careful monitoring and management of the document workflow make it easy to explain and justify changes to processes and staff management. MaxxClaim's realtime reports are clear and easy to understand, making them immediately suitable for presentation to staff and senior management without additional formatting or IT assistance.

Sample MaxxClaim Reports:

Customize your reports as needed; the combinations are endless! Export your reports to MS Excel for further analysis and number crunching.

Workflow Status and Agent Productivity
Generate statistics on the documents and agents in your workflow, including: current, daily, monthly and yearly. Run comparisons with historical stats in order to track the effectiveness and efficiency of both staff and processes. Statistics can be drilled down to process or individual agent.

Manager Alert System
Allows manger to determine (by agent, workflow or both) when the system should send an alert notifying manager that a threshold was exceeded.

Top Ten Agents
Provide statistics by name of the top performing agents:
most documents processed with lowest reprocessing and document returned statistics. Drill down stats by agent.

Bottom Ten Agents
Provide statistics by name of the lowest performing agents: fewest documents processed with high reprocessing and document returned statistics. Drill down stats by agent.


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