5 Ways to Improve Compliance with Enterprise Content Management

5 Ways to Improve Compliance with Enterprise Content Management
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5 Ways to Improve Compliance with Enterprise Content Management

While most people understand that enterprise content management streamlines your documents into a central, secure repository, most do not understand what other benefits exist. Take compliance, for example. Your legal or compliance team can easily retrieve documents from anywhere and report on user activity for any audit. Enterprise content management helps you maximize efficiency and mitigate risk. Take a look at five ways to improve compliance with enterprise content management.

1. Easy Search and Document Retrieval

Your compliance team must be able to find information quickly in order to protect your business. With ECM, documents are easy to find through the secure, central repository. Managing compliance with enterprise content management software allows you to import import electronic files directly from MS Office and many other office applications. You can also scan paper documents directly from multi-function printer. The intuitive interface makes retrieving information easier with indexed or full-text searches. Your compliance team has all the information they need, when they need it.

2. Transparent Workflow

Enterprise content management helps you stay compliant with transparent workflow. You can route documents for collaboration, edits and approvals automatically and easily view progress. It becomes easy to direct a new supplier contract to the legal department for review before final approval. Moreover, managers can monitor document progress easily with the progress indicator. Workflow rules allow you to link documents related to a specific matter and track markups to documents automatically. You can even set notifications to inform managers when a document is overdue or no longer complies with a regulation. Finally, when you have updated policy documents, you can automatically send notifications for your employees to read and sign to ensure policy compliance.

3. Security

Security compliance is a big issue with most businesses. In order to keep your company information safe, ECM provides secure access to the repository to prevent unauthorized access. You can adjust settings on the document level so that only authorized users can view required information. Plus, documents only appear in searches based on a user’s security settings, so that only allowed documents can be seen. Your company stays compliant with secure files.

4. Automatic Archives

ECM helps your business stay compliant with automatic archives. Set your archives to run automatically according to industry and government regulations. Based on your preferred criteria and retention schedule, your documents are moved to the archives or purged from the system. Audits become simpler because your documents are archived according to industry standards. This ensures that auditors have access to all necessary documents.

5. Auditability

The biggest way that enterprise document management helps compliance is with auditability. ECM records every time a user views, edits or executes a document. It automatically creates audit logs that are viewable to managers or even external auditors. When it comes time for an audit, you don’t have to spend hours looking through archives in order to compile the required documentation. You can give auditors access to your repository to search for what they need on their own. Managing compliance with enterprise content management software makes audits easier and keeps you compliant.

In summary, managing compliance with enterprise content management helps organize your documents, and keeps your departments compliant. By turning your papers into electronic files in the repository, you build business that remains compliant year after year. Compliance undergirds the company, freeing you to focus on other tasks needing your attention. MaxxVault can help you improve compliance with enterprise content management. Contact us today for the best ECM system on the market.