Five Trends in Enterprise Document Management Software

Five Trends in Enterprise Document Management Software
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Five Trends in Enterprise Document Management Software

The best enterprise document management software providers are aware of some emerging trends in the industry landscape. The amount of data businesses must handle is only increasing. Therefore, EDMS will become one of the most valuable assets for a business as paper records are diminishing. The technology has evolved continuously since its introduction many years ago and will continue to evolve with emerging business developments. Take a look at the trends in enterprise document management solutions to see how MaxxVault provides solutions in today’s technological world.

Digital Information Management

Companies are saving a greater variety of digital records. Traditionally, the bulk of a company’s records included images, PDFs or MS Office documents. But currently, they are accessing more video, mobile messages and social media posts.  However, with greater sources of media available, companies must be able to effectively archive these files. As a result, strong search, archiving, and retention management tools are becoming essential for enterprise document management software providers.

Cloud-Based Repositories and Mobile Applications

Cloud computing is here to stay. With the increasing number of employees working outside of the traditional cubicle, so comes the need to access company data from any location from a mobile device. Cloud-based systems offer cost effectiveness, easy accessibility and user friendliness over location-based systems for companies with many decentralized employees.


With the move to cloud-based and mobile apps, potential security risks appear. Businesses must ensure their critical company data is safe from hackers and unauthorized users. Therefore, the best enterprise document management vendors increasingly support business security requirements to reduce the risks associated with cloud-based repositories and mobile applications.


No two companies are exactly alike. So providers must offer customizable EDMS solutions. Businesses must be able to customize workflow, indexes, searches and retention schedules according to their unique business needs. A one-size-fits-all is increasingly becoming a one-size-fits-none type of system. Thus, the best EDMS providers will enable customers to customize solutions to fit their exclusive needs.

Intelligent Archives

Long-term electronic document retention is essential to maintain compliance in today’s regulatory environment. Businesses must set effective retention policies and automatic file archiving as increasing amounts of data enter the business landscape. Companies must be able to provide intuitive features to their enterprise document management systems to allow firms to adjust with the business environment.

Consequently, the best EDMS providers are setting trends in today’s document management. Companies will seek out providers who can help them retain a competitive edge in their data management. MaxxVault provides the best enterprise document management software with solutions for digital information management, cloud-based and mobile applications, system customization, and intelligent archives with an eye for increasing security. Contact MaxxVault today to see how we can provide for all your document management needs.