Four Benefits of Enterprise Information Management for Small-Town Government

Four Benefits of Enterprise Information Management for Small-Town Government
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Four Benefits of Enterprise Information Management for Small-Town Government

Clearly, any government entity stands to benefit from Enterprise Information Management. As a member of a small-town government, you might find that your file cabinets, index cards, and off-the-shelf software are sufficient for effective business practices. On the other hand, how efficient is it to keep the overdue water bills in an index box or the building permit requests in a file cabinet?

Thankfully, there are several benefits to Enterprise Information Management. Yes, it is true that Enterprise Information Management has a higher price tag than a box of index cards or a file cabinet. However, the lasting benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

Data Quality

Placing your documentation into an Enterprise Information Management System helps improve the quality of your data. By storing your data regarding residents, suppliers, supplies, and available funds, all in one location you can produce a balanced budget and manage supplies and maintenance projects more efficiently. An Enterprise Information Management System will be more effective than scraps of paper left lying around the office.

Information Management and Decision Making

Through an Enterprise Information Management System, you will be able to sift through data to make informed decisions. Likewise, cross-referencing records from one department to the next becomes an easier task. Enterprise Information Management also reduces the need for duplicate entries as the ability to share data between departments improves. For example, the town clerk inputs information into the system and automatically alerts the water department to turn on the water for a new resident immediately after they pay the deposit fee. The result is reduced wasted time and a happier resident.

Reduced Costs

There are several ways in which Enterprise Information Management reduces costs. There is less need for storage. It can increase efficiency which results in staff members having less overtime. Likewise, staff members can work on assignments that they had previously put off due to the time it took to input data. As a result, Enterprise Information Management streamlines your office and makes your town government more productive and efficient.


By placing your data into an Enterprise Information Management system, you are adding to the security of your documentation. No longer are your files tossed on your desk. You just upload all your information to a software system. Your software system is more secure than leaving documents out in the open. With documents left out or in file cabinets, anyone in the office can get into the files and make changes without a system to identify who made changes, when, and why.

MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management

In summary, if you are a member of a small-town government and searching for ways to enhance your document management, then look no further than MaxxVault for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your data. The MaxxVault Enterprise Information Management for a small-town government is ideal for providing increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security. Don’t make Enterprise Information Management for small town government complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your document management, contact MaxxVault at (631) 446-4800 today and start.