Three Ways Electronic Document Storage Is Safer Than Paper

Three Ways Electronic Document Storage Is Safer Than Paper
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Three Ways Electronic Document Storage Is Safer Than Paper

For generations, cabinets, locks, and keys remained the expected and “safe” way to manage important documents. As security problems arose, we added more protocols. Sign-out sheets, fewer keys, and fewer copies were the result. Unfortunately, the more control companies exerted over the documents, the harder it became to access the necessary information for efficient work. This is where electronic document storage enters the scene. Electronic document storage is relatively new in the world of business. However, it is quickly becoming standard practice for every forward-thinking organization. Facing the security problems of paper head-on, electronic content management revolutionizes the way you handle documents. With a cloud-based system, your data remains entirely accessible while also maintaining the highest levels of security. Here are three ways that electronic document storage is safer than the old paper system.

Automatic Backup

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. It’s an old adage, but a good one. In the case of document storage, one of the greatest risks of paper is the possibility of destruction. Paper becomes unusable quickly and easily, whether through a coffee spill, a negligent misplacement, or a natural disaster. Having a ready backup of paper documents means making copies, costing you money, time, space, and effort. On the other hand, electronic document storage has automatic backup built right into the system. Not only do you regain the resources you formerly put into copies, but your mind rests easily with the knowledge that the heart of your company is protected from threat.

Better Security

Regardless of how many locking filing cabinets and sign out sheets you use, a paper storage system can’t control any aspect of security once the documents are in the hands of employees. Privacy concerns and confidentiality relies entirely on discretion, mindfulness, and happenstance. Alternatively, electronic document management is a tireless gatekeeper for your company documents. Unique credentials limit anyone who accesses your data to only the information they have clearance to see. There is no more concern about misplacement or negligence. The documents are protected while simultaneously becoming available from anywhere in the world.

Compliant and “Audit-Proof”

The word “audit” strikes fear in many business owners. Because paperwork is inherently difficult to manage, even the best recordkeeper fears missing important pieces of the puzzle. Electronic document management relieves you of these worries. With built-in version control and document tracking, electronic document systems help you remain compliant automatically. Your industry’s standards determine when and where the software stores and removes documents. You no longer need to worry about audits since the system routinely completes the bulk of the work.

The reign of paper is coming to an end. By switching to electronic document storage, you will guarantee your organization is more secure. Automatic backup, better security procedures, and natural compliance all make an electronic content system your best investment in data security. If you would like to discuss these possibilities further, contact MaxxVault today.