Key Features of Great Enterprise Document Management Systems

Key Features of Great Enterprise Document Management Systems
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Key Features of Great Enterprise Document Management Systems

Enterprise document management systems are powerful tools, but how do you know you’re choosing the right one? The vital features of excellent enterprise document management systems play directly into their ability to serve your needs. These include communication structures, search powers, and access control.

Ease of Communication

Today, modern businesses complicate things. They make many simple chores, like contacting your manager, an hour-long process. An enterprise document management system needs to facilitate easier sharing and promote simpler tracking. If your document system is well organized but almost impossible to share and utilize, then it isn’t working properly. Pay attention to how many hurdles you must go through in order to create attachments, and how your system handles those documents when sent to other individuals in the same office. Watch out for excess copies appearing in your files instead of a growing history for the document in question. This is a sign of bad document management system design. It will cause nothing but headaches down the road when you need to track a document’s history.

Search Functions

This is one of the simplest but most powerful functions in any kind of document management system. Enterprise document management systems need advanced, user-friendly search functions that cater to the different needs of various roles across your business. Customer service representatives should be able to gather all of a customer’s data in the blink of an eye, preferably with a single search using the customer’s name, account number, or other identifiers. Other departments, like marketing, finances, and HR need advanced search features, too.


When you look at access, you need to consider two things. First, how easily can your employees arrive at the information they need in order to perform their jobs? Second, can any unauthorized individuals gain access to data without authorization? Adequate access control solves both of these issues. Enterprise document management systems should have detailed protocols and labeling procedures that go beyond basic security levels. When you base access on need rather than just security clearance, you actively gather the information employees need into an easily accessible collection. You simultaneously prevent a lot of snooping and accidental exposure.

Procedure-Specific Design

Enterprise document management systems are unlike any other management system because they are more or less industry specific. You should be able to find programs that suit your unique business at a basic level. If your program doesn’t support specific, regular procedures, then you probably aren’t dealing with a true enterprise document management system. That said, the more individualized the product is to you and your business, the better. This is where enterprise DMS systems shine, so make sure you pick one that really glows.

The enterprise document management products should showcase the hidden complexity that makes basic business tasks simpler. Look for reviews that back up the developer’s claims and provide a window into actual work with the product. These will help you tell the difference between a well-advertised product and truly great enterprise document management systems.