Document Control and Data Visibility

Document Control and Data Visibility
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Document Control and Data Visibility

Document control supports many aspects of your business, but few have the impact of data visibility. Without a reliable document control system, you will inevitably lose precious data, suffer from invisible data, and struggle to keep up with developing technologies. In the age of big data, data visibility is essential.

Why Data Visibility is Essential to Progress

Essentially, all information-related software ultimately depends on data visibility. Security programs recognize intruders and risks more easily when the data they are tasked with monitoring exists within a logical, orderly framework. Rogue files make it much more difficult for your security solutions to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Data analytics have similar issues with systems that lack visible data. Analytics examine the files and documents you, the user, instruct them to. If you can’t find the data, then there’s a good chance your analytical insights are incomplete, because your analytics software can’t find them, either. As useful as these programs can be, inaccurate insights are dangerous to your business’s financial health and well-being.

Lots of new software relies even more on your data. Thanks to big data, developers are creating new solutions designed to handle – and even require – lots and lots of data. Artificial intelligence programs are the perfect example. This new technology is essentially automated machine learning. The more you use the software, and the more data it can access, the better it becomes at assisting you. Scattered data is the enemy of machine learning. No matter how sophisticated this software is, it is still nowhere near as intelligent or intuitive as a human learner. AI learns from data structure and commands. When you have poor data structure, the program becomes confused. Most machine learning relies, especially in the early stages, on where files are located and how they are classified rather than the files’ actual content.

How Document Control Helps

Document control helps solve all the above issues through three distinct advantages. First of all, document control systems introduce lots of new organization, classification, and structural elements. These boost machine learning. The clear structure helps programs find, recognize, and access data with fewer errors and greater accuracy.

Document control systems also ensure you retain more visible data in the future. Part of document control is document capture, and newly captured documents go straight into the highly organized system discussed in the last point. This process feeds critical data into your system so it’s ready for analytics programs.

In many cases, a new document control solution can help you reclaim more visible data. This goes beyond simply ensuring all new data is visible in your new system. It takes a lot of care and attention, but that’s a perfect challenge for document control professionals.

Your documents are resources. Document control simply helps you turn your property into more profitable assets. The latest technological advances demand data visibility. When your system is ready for new software, your business will be ready for the future.