Why 2017 is the Year to Engage ECM

Why 2017 is the Year to Engage ECM
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Why 2017 is the Year to Engage ECM

This year should be the year you finally engage ECM software solutions. Getting your enterprise content management system up and running is vital to the success of your company. You may have done well so far without ECM on your radar. Small, new businesses, can get by on their grit and determination. As your business grows, you’re going to run into more problems because you don’t have a good internal support structure. Why 2017? Why wait?

Enterprise content management is becoming standard

Once upon a time, every business had to be totally offline, by hand. The typewriter was a revolution when it first became standard practice. Typists could command a good wage; typed reports and files improved document accuracy and legibility. From there, enterprise content management has risen and kept on rising. From typewriters to computers, to today’s modern software and advanced cloud storage techniques. When you engage ECM, you’re focusing on something that’s had a lot of time to grow and evolve into what it can be.

At the moment, there was two forces in the business world. There’s a fully integrated ECM system. Then, there’s what everyone else uses: separate programs that don’t always work well together. In 2017, you can engage ECM and get ahead of the curve. All technology takes a little time to spread. Today, there are still many businesses that haven’t adopted an integrated ECM solution. Over time, more and more businesses are going to make the leap. You don’t want to stay on the slow side of adoption. Make the change this year so you don’t fall behind the pack.

ECM is the backbone of growth

To a certain extent, businesses can perform well while still floundering along. Talented, hardworking individuals can move mountains. However, the more your business grows the more difficult it becomes to get anything done. To engage ECM, means focusing on control and organization. A good ECM can help prevent bottle-necking. It can keep your company’s content secure even when sharing with third parties. It can ensure that your business is quickly able to on-board new employees and new clients so you can handle growth. If your business isn’t yet experiencing trouble keeping up with growth, get ahead of it. It can be hard for a business to recover from a slowed growth cycle. Staying ahead of your needs improves them drastically.

Why 2017? You need a good ECM to keep up with your growth potential. An integrated ECM is rapidly becoming standard instead of advanced. At the same time, it will never be easier for you to transfer to an integrated ECM solution. The longer you’re in business, the more records you’ll have to digitize. The more you’ll have invested in a system that can’t meet your needs in the long term. It would have been easier to switch before, but it will only get harder from here. Making putting together and implementing a good enterprise content management system in 2017. Come 2018, you’ll be glad you chose to engage ECM.