Contract Management

Streamline your Contract Management process with MaxxVault


Have you ever wondered what the status of a particular contract was or if you’re reviewing the most recent version of the contract? With MaxxVault Enterprise Content Management software we can help you manage the entire contract lifecycle from start to finish. Giving you more control over the process will minimize any corporate risk exposure. Now all your key contracts can be accessed and managed in on repository. MaxxVault also has integrations with many 3rd party contract creation and CRM tools. The two solutions we see used frequently are SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. MaxxVault has both on-premise and cloud-to-cloud integration with both these products.

Contract management does not have to be difficult. Contract management involves more than just creating new contracts, it involves managing renewals and expiration notifications for existing contacts. It also involves tracking versions, edits and document history.  With MaxxVault we give you one complete solution where all of these tasks can be managed and controlled.

By implementing MaxxVault for your Contract Management, you:

•    Increase company-wide sharing of information
•    Be able to know you’re looking at current version while still having access to prior versions
•    Create better document controls and processes
•    Keep track of where contracts are in the approval process
•    Meet and exceed compliance requirements
•    Create automated business processes for review, approval and digital signing of contracts
•    Receive automatic alerts for expiring or auto-renewing contracts 30, 60 or 90 days in advance
•    Auto linking of contracts to other key content managed by MaxxVault