Five Ways to Improve Productivity with ECM

Increasing productivity with ECM boils down to five key points. When you make it easier for your employees to manage the small tasks that make up their jobs, they also have more time to focus on the big tasks. Enterprise content management allows them to easily send... read more

Three Areas Web Forms Help Transform Your Company

When you strive for the efficiency of a paperless office, the first thing you’re going to notice is how easy web forms make your work. Enter information once and have it easily copied, entered, and assimilated into many different forms and functions throughout your... read more

How Document Management Drives Profits

Putting document management for your sales force into place, helps drive more cash to your bottom line. Moreover, you increase profits by ensuring that all the content your sales force needs stays at their fingertips. You also increase interdepartmental communication... read more

Document Management for Nonprofits: Handling Donations Flawlessly

Document management for nonprofits has to focus on record keeping. When money is changing hands, you have to be transparent in your processes. Document management for nonprofits should include document retention policies, adequate storage space, a virtual paper trail,... read more

Three Problems a Good Contract Management System Never Has

A good contract management system is an essential part of enterprise content management. Your ECM will be supported and enhanced by keeping your contract management in line. A good contract management system can avoid common problems while providing your team with... read more
Can Data Capture Help Hospitals Save Lives?

Can Data Capture Help Hospitals Save Lives?

Hospitals must work quickly. In an intensely compartmentalized, specialized place, communication is key. Test coordination, test results, and treatment all depend on bringing all the available information together in one place. An essential part of good enterprise... read more

How Data Capture Features in Your Overall ECM Strategy

Data capture is the smoothest way to create digital documents. Your enterprise content management system relies on having digital documents to file, sort, and provide at the right instant. Figuring out a good way to get your paper information into your digital system... read more

Five Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing is the key to a healthier cash flow and more robust business. Integrating automation into the invoice process will cut down on invoice lag, make payments easier to send and receive, and even help you cut down on your enterprise content... read more

How Enterprise Content Management Affects Sales

Enterprise content management and improved sales, often go hand in hand. As you will see, a good enterprise content management system helps smooth the sales process.  Moreover, your sales experts will be able to access content that aids the process without breaking... read more