MaxxNews – MaxxVault Half Year Review

MaxxNews – MaxxVault Half Year Review

Team MaxxVault has had a crazy busy first part of 2017. We have added several key new partnerships, new hires and have had several big wins in the ECM marketplace. In the first few months of 2017 we were awarded our GSA contract number for MaxxVault Enterprise after a... read more

Paperless Goals: Three Small Steps That Move You Closer to the Goal

Scan New Documents A manageable step toward your paperless goals is scanning incoming documents immediately. During the process of going paperless, there is always going to be some paper in use in the office. Making the decision to go paperless does not happen... read more

Five Signs Your Legacy Software Can’t Keep Up With Your Growth

Businesses that have been around for many years may still be using the same software from the time they opened their doors. Using legacy software can cut upgrade costs, but it can also keep companies prisoner to old code. Here are five signs that your legacy software... read more

Five Requirements for a Successful Digital Transformation

As far as enterprise jargon goes, “digital transformation” may be the most-used term of the year thus far. However, at its roots, a successful digital transformation is exactly what it sounds like. A digital transformation is simply a reworking of your enterprise... read more

Applications vs. Single Platforms: What Works for Your Business

Many businesses start out using a collection of applications and mismatched software to get their work done. This patchwork system is typically cobbled together as the business grows. A problem is encountered, some software is bought or found to fix it, and that... read more

How Document Management Sets Employee Expectations

Document management can do more than keep your files organized. When document management is efficient, it sends a strong message to employees. It allows management to communicate effectively, emphasizes high value tasks, and increases workflow transparency. It helps... read more

How MaxxVault Makes Contract Management Easy

MaxxVault contract management is a simple solution to a complex problem. Contract management, from getting the contract off the ground to regulatory compliance, is a complex issue. MaxxVault makes it easy. Top of the line e-forms log client data securely and easily.... read more

Why More Healthcare Providers are Calling on ECM to Manage Their Caseloads

Enterprise content management that focuses on caseloads has been gaining popularity with healthcare providers. Today, patient to providers ratios are getting steeper and steeper. Providing high quality care to everyone who needs it is an ongoing battle of workflow,... read more

How Electronic Document Management Systems Help Hospital Patients

Electronic Document management for hospitals is a net positive for administrators, healthcare providers, and patients alike. At the end of the day, however, patients are the top priority. Moving your hospital into one, hospital-wide electronic document management... read more

MaxxVault Joins HP JetAdvantage Partner Program

  MaxxVault LLC to offer an affordable Enterprise Content Management solution to the marketplace available on HP printing devices. Bohemia, NY— MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault is... read more