How Electronic Document Management Systems Help Hospital Patients

Electronic Document management for hospitals is a net positive for administrators, healthcare providers, and patients alike. At the end of the day, however, patients are the top priority. Moving your hospital into one, hospital-wide electronic document management... read more

MaxxVault Joins HP JetAdvantage Partner Program

  MaxxVault LLC to offer an affordable Enterprise Content Management solution to the marketplace available on HP printing devices. Bohemia, NY— MaxxVault LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management software, is pleased to announce that MaxxVault is... read more

How Web Forms Improve Real Estate Agent Offices

It’s no surprise that your real estate office uses a lot forms. Thankfully, web forms are one way to streamline many processes around a real estate office. They help to passively generate warm leads, giving your sales team an easier time contacting interesting... read more

Six Signs You Need to Upgrade Your ECM

Enterprise content management systems rarely meet a company’s needs forever. Changing your ECM is typically a long, involved process that few people want to undertake on a whim. Making your ECM work as long as possible is one thing. However, if you regularly encounter... read more

Top Four Advantages of Document Management Systems

The advantages of document management systems outweigh any difficulty in setting them up. It takes time to convert the many digital and physical document management systems into one, cohesive program. However, putting everything together increases employee efficiency... read more

Five Mistakes Enterprise Content Management Can Help You Avoid

Enterprise content management mistakes are rare; human error is unfortunately common. When you get technology in your corner you can get more done reliably than you otherwise would be able to. In fact, as soon as you get your ECM system up and running you can wave... read more

Five Ways Patients Benefit from Paperless Healthcare

Paperless healthcare opens the lines of communications and puts patients at the forefront of knowledge. In fact, paperless healthcare eases the burden on healthcare providers and gives patients better access to information. Paperless healthcare unites providers and... read more

How ECM Supports Real Estate Property Managers Through Legal Processes

ECM supports real estate by keeping you organized when it matters most. Real estate property management is full of legal situations. You have to be organized and on your toes at every step of management, from leasing to arranging for maintenance, county inspections,... read more

Why Real Estate Property Management Needs Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is sweeping across more and more industries. As software integration and enterprise content management improves, the advantages it offers only grows. This is especially true in real estate. It is rapidly becoming impossible to stay competitive... read more

Four Ways ECM Helps Healthcare Providers Get Paid

Healthcare is a service industry, first and foremost. It’s still an industry. People need to make their living just like any other job. Medical billing can be complicated; ECM helps healthcare providers stay on top of paperwork so they can get paid for the work they... read more