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MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management Software

MaxxVault provides electronic document management systems (EDMS) to small, medium and large companies in many vertical industries. MaxxVault is scalable as needed: from a narrow feature set in a single department to a full-blown, enterprise-wide installation. The goal is always the same: reduce costs by automating tasks and improving productivity. Every company has document records. Whether paper-based or electronic files, MaxxVault helps organize, secure and manage them. The ability to access the correct and current version of a document or record is important, but companies must go further to meet enterprise content management (ECM) needs. "Content" must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals. Central to this strategy are the tools and technologies of ECM, which manage the complete lifecycle of content, information and documentation. Whether you call it document management or content management MaxxVault software has you covered.

See how MaxxVault can help your organization in these key areas:

Regulatory Compliance | Disaster Recovery | Workflow | Scanning | Automated Indexing | OCR

Simply powerful document management software

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Industry Solutions
MaxxVault provides electronic document management software to small, medium and large companies in many vertical industries. A custom solution can be tailored for your specific needs; from a narrow feature set in a department or expanded as needed to a full enterprise-wide installation. The goal is always the same: Reduce costs by automating tasks and improving productivity. From the education and government sectors to transportation, distribution and logistics, MaxxVault can be customized to satisfy the most complex of business processes.

Admissions, financial aid, transcripts and billing departments have a tremendous amount of information coursing through their offices, and often times they have very strict time frames in which all student documents must be processed. With MaxxVault, the time and labor intensive process of admitting one student with paper-based operations can be done electronically in just minutes.

See how MaxxVault electronic document management is used in institutions of education.

Financial Services Sector
Insurance, banking, mortgage and other financial industries continue to be paper intensive. So rather than fight it, successful companies are turning documents into electronic files that can be properly managed. In the process, loans close faster, overhead costs decline and revenues increase.

See how MaxxVault electronic document management is used in the financial services market

Efficient information management is essential to the daily operations of public sector organizations. City clerk offices, police departments, human resources, planning and development, as well as finance are among the diverse departments with the need and demand to share information internally, with constituents as well as vendors and customers. Government agencies and municipalities throughout the country utilize MaxxVault to manage a wide variety of documentation and information.

See how MaxxVault electronic document management is used in municipalities and government agencies.

Health Care
Processing claims quickly lowers costs and can make your customers happier. Streamline your business by putting all relevant documentation associated with a claim at the fingertips of your processors, move claims quickly through your system according to your business rules. Scanning documents to MaxxVault ensures that your staff does not have to spend any time searching for supporting documentation, and the risk of lost or misplaced files is effectively eliminated.

See how MaxxVault electronic document management is used in the health care industry.

The insurance industry is plagued by mounds of paperwork that must be organized and signed by clients, agents and underwriters. If your workflow isn't smooth and concise, the process of signing on a new client can be very time consuming and stressful to a client. With the current economic climate, an insurance company's budget has no room for losing clients, or wasteful spending.

See how MaxxVault electronic document management is used in insurance agencies nationwide.

Law Office
The legal and regulatory issues that challenge today's major corporations and their legal counsel is overwhelming. Whether a high-stakes legal matter or helping a company respond to a subpoena from a regulatory agency, law firms are committed to delivering the strategic guidance that helps their clients succeed.

See how MaxxVault electronic document management is being used in law offices.

Accelerate your workflows, such as order fulfillment, tracking and billing. Orders, warehouse pick-lists and signed delivery receipts are routed immediately and accurately to the billing department for prompt and accurate billing. MaxxVault can also help improve collections as your staff will be able to overcome payment objections as all relevant documentation are readily available for instant access and electronic delivery to your clients.

Loan origination software (LOS) generate standard forms and documents, but 90% are still print and managed in filing cabinets. Some mortgage companies and banks have a portion of their process “paperless” but they have 2 very different filing systems in place. With all of the regulations and compliance issues surrounding the mortgage process today it’s important to have a strong document management solution that can manage all document content whether its scanned or electronically generated. Integrating seamlessly for document retrieval and completing workflow tasks from within your line of business application is a must. MaxxVault has you covered whether you need an on premise or a completely hosted and managed Cloud solution.

MaxxVault provides an affordable document management and workflow solution for non-profits that helps to increase productivity, reduce operational costs and ensure compliance. Most non-profit organizations operate on limited budgets so they can’t afford solutions that will break the bank account. Non-profits deal with endless amounts of paper and electronic documents that need to be managed. These documents also need to be accessible easily within their line of business software packages like Raisers Edge and Financial Edge. MaxxVault’s non-profit document management software has an immediate ROI as it helps improve organizational efficiency, reduces physical document storage and helps your company meet the compliance and security standards the non-profit sector demands.

Transportation and distribution companies can have hundreds, if not thousands of customers for whom they manage freight. Sales orders, pick-lists, delivery receipts, change orders and invoices are just some of the documents that are manually shuffled, edited, signed and ultimately need to be filed correctly for later retrieval and review. Manage all of this information by automatically routing all necessary documents to the right people and making documents quick and easy to find.

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